Friday, March 25, 2022

Ekphrasitc Dodistsu

This month we are working on learning a new-to-me poetic form from 19th c. Japan. It is called "dodoitsu", and consists of four lines with a syllable count of 7,7,7,5. They say it is reminiscent of haiku with a limerick flavor. Dodoitsu often speak of love, family, or work and can have a comical twist. We decided to combine these short poems with images we shared, to make ekphrasitc collaborations. The images were all taken by us or our family members.

I started with a beautiful image my late brother John took of the Delaware harbor at sunset. The harbor cranes remind me of huge ancient creatures on prowl.

"Harbor" by John M. Sibley is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


 My second poem is written for an image taken by Mary Lee.

And I tried one more, written for Laura's image of a puzzle she enjoyed. What a surprise to find these bonus double pieces in the box!

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Mary Lee



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tanita✿davis said...

You managed that twist of cleverness in all of our poems, though I ADORE the one you did with the tag-playing cranes the very most. I always imagine them moving, just like I imagine oil derricks as some sort of prehistoric drinking birds (you know those little toys with the birds that dip their beaks...)

Tricia said...

I adore the poem about the cranes. And your bother's photo is gorgeous. The brick poem made me laugh. Thanks for sharing!

laurasalas said...

I love the variety here, Andi. Your first one, to your brother's gorgeous photo, makes me think of "The Fog Horn," by Ray Bradbury--about the beast that comes up from the ocean, thinking that the fog horn is the mournful cry of another of its species--or something like that! It's been a long time since I read it! Your second one is so cleverly designed--love "jaunty"! And that third one is what my husband and I always laugh about--partly cloudy is partly sunny! These are so accessible but inspire thought. Thanks, Andi!

Amy LV said...

"Partly cloudy - or - partly
blue skies chasing wind."

This is hauntingly lovely...

And those cranes DO look like ancient prowling creatures!

Happiest of Poetry Fridays!


Sara said...

I love that you chose the double puzzle piece image, and even made the duality of the image within the image (clouds or sky?) make sense. Your brother's photo is gorgeous, and intriguing, and you made it even more so with that clever poem.

Mary Lee said...

I love the generosity of the two puzzle pieces, the mortar that can level us, and the game of tag in that gorgeous sky picture taken by your brother.

Heidi Mordhorst said...

Andi! So fun to see your work here--I absolutely love your take on the brick wall. That last line! And I searched the photo for cranes for some seconds before I realized I was looking at them. : )

Liz Garton Scanlon said...

This are fantastic, Andi-- I particularly like the whimsy and confidence of the bricklayer, and oh, that game of feathered tag!!

Elisabeth said...

These are wonderful! Each evokes a story and invites us to look at something seemingly ordinary with a new perspective. I love how you overlaid the words of the poems onto the bricks! And the puzzle poem (partly-cloudy/partly-blue) reminds us that our perspective is a choice. Thanks for sharing these with us!