Friday, January 31, 2020

January Haiku

I've been writing monthly poetry with my Poetry Sisters for over ten years now. Missed quite a few monthly posts, it's true, but I'm not giving up yet. Every year we look ahead to make plans for the year, and this year we have all agreed to take some time to look back and revise some of those older poems that still could use some work. I'm glad of that because I have to admit I have often scribbled something off in a rush and never looked back. They could all be a bit better, in fact!

We are going to balance that by writing a few other short poems, often haiku, in a balance of foresight and hindsight. Sounds about right for the cusp of the decade. We are ending this month with a haiku on a theme of the new year of foresight.

I know from Chinese cooking that pears are therapeutic. Poached pears in a honey sauce are so soothing and comforting. Just what we need on a dreary day at the end of January. Another thing about pears; they ripen slowly and get sweeter with a few scars. My kind of fruit.

Start of the week;
green pear on the windowsill,
sweet by Friday.

-Andromeda Jazmon

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  1. Andi, I am so grateful for your strength and way of loving the world whenever you are able to participate! I have a picture book on this same pear concept (though nothing to do with pears). Learning to love ourselves and our lives, scars included, is such a journey. This is gorgeous.

  2. Thank you for your example of taking small steps and continuing to take joy in simplicity. 💕

  3. Oh, I adore pears. I had no idea they were healing, too, but of course they are. Thank you for sharing your scars, and your beauty with us, dear Andi...

  4. All needed is patience, right? Love that you thought about pears, something to nourish us.

  5. I did not know this about pears. I love when a poem teaches me something.

  6. I love pears, so sweet and mellow. With time hey sort of melt into honey. Thanks for this haiku!

  7. Nothing better than a ripe pear. I remember my first bite of one fresh from the tree.
    I'm waiting for avocados to ripen on the counter. I wonder what they taste like fresh from the tree?

    So much truth in your three lines. You are a haiku master.


  8. As I write this, I'm looking over to see the ripening pears on my kitchen counter. Your haiku will make the experience of enjoying them even sweeter yet.

  9. Now I want a pear. Thank you for noruishing us with haiku.