Friday, September 01, 2017

Back in the game

It's September and I am pulling myself together to get back in the saddle for Poetry Friday. My poetry sisters have been publishing poems every first Friday while I took a break, but this month's prompt was just too enticing for me to pass up. Sara shared a photo she took while working at the Highlights Retreat Center in Honesdale, PA, and it really inspired me. We are writing ekphrastic poems, which are simply poems in response to art and can take any form.

20 questions

What person would wish home to end?
What end person would home wish?
What would a home person wish to end?
What wish would end a person’s home?
What home would an end person wish?
What person wishes home would end?
What end would home wish a person?
What would wish a person’s end home?
What wish a person’s home would end?
What home’s end would a person wish?
What person would wish?
What end person would?
What would a home?
What wish would?
What home would?
What person wishes?
What end?
What would?
What wish?

What home?
-Andromeda Jazmon

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Liz Garton Scanlon said...

I really love how both you and Sara got very wordplay-conceptual with this prompt. Some of these lines just make me ache -- in a good way. And also, MOST IMPORTANTLY, welcome back. You know we missed you... xoxoxo

tanita✿davis said...

"What home" is still the best ending for this, for me -- the whole haul of questions feels like a Being, questioning, so if we disappear them, the poem loses an anchor. If that makes ANY sense. I can imagine this one laid out in collage form on the photograph of a disintegrating house.

What is, after all, home, when it is empty?
This is both a neat exercise, and a poignant inquiry.

So, welcome back!

Jen Robinson said...

Welcome back! What an interesting poem. Thanks for sharing it!

Linda B said...

For various reasons, perhaps this week because of the tragedies in Texas, but in other times, too, we all contemplate our homes and how to make a 'fit' that's meaningful. I re-read your poem and tried to answer some. Welcome back!

Sara said...

This poem is an aching tangle of questions, and I love that you make no bones about that, offer no explanation, but only seeking. And welcome, welcome back, dear Andi. We've missed you...

laurasalas said...

Andi, so happy that you are here in our giant poetry hug this month! This poem is so pure and odd and enticing. I wrote some poems once for an exhibit called Home Sweet Home Again--and they were all about home and homelessness. It was a lovely collection of poems, and this poem feels like it would be right at home among them. Home is such a big concept, and I love your meditation on what a home is--makes me think of my homes, both the ones that have been physical shelters and also the worlds I feel like I belong in. Hugs and love.

Heidi Mordhorst said...

Nice to see you, Andi! Loving your wordplay, which tangles and untangles these vast concepts (person, wish, home), reducing them to human fundamentals, mystery.

Mary Lee said...

Welcome back! Welcome home. I hope you have been feeling all our good wishes come your way. Your poem meanders through heart, soul and mind. So evocative. Lighthearted at times, but in the end, so deep.

Leigh Anne Eck said...

What an interesting format. Each question took my thoughts in a different direction...but I guess that is what questions are suppose to do! It has been fun looking at the different ways the Poetry Princesses have taken this.

Kay said...

So many thought-provoking questions to ponder. ..