Friday, August 05, 2016

An Ekphrastic Poem for WONDER


You know how much I love house plants and greenery of all kinds. I don't have a green thumb, and my plants don't always do well, but I am stubborn and don't give up easily. My office is full of plants. sometimes they get those really annoying fungus gnats, so I am continually in a battle of control. 

There was an outbreak the same week that my Poetry Sister Sara shared her photos of the art instillation "Wonder"at the Smithsonian's Renwick Gallery in DC, which was somewhat ironic to me. The part of the show by  by Jennifer Angus called "Midnight Garden" featured a huge exhibition of insects arranged in fantastic patterns and glued to the wall. I know, right? Bugs. But these are really amazing bugs.

Jennifer Angus' "Wonder" exhibit; made of insects

The entire wall space of the room is covered with insects displayed in elaborate patterns. The website of the Renwick Gallery states:
 "Yes, the insects are real, and no, she has not altered them in any way except to position their wings and legs. The species in this gallery are not endangered, but in fact are quite abundant, primarily in Malaysia, Thailand, and Papua New Guinea, a corner of the world where Nature seems to play with greater freedom. The pink wash is derived from the cochineal insect living on cacti in Mexico, where it has long been prized as the best source of the color red."
 Isn't that AMAZING? And a little creepy. I couldn't help but put the two experiences together in my mind as I worked on this months' Poetry Sisters challenge: ekphrastic poems in any style or form, in response to the art at Renwick Gallery when Sara visited in May.

Artwork © Jennifer Angus, photographs © Sara Lewis Holmes 


The bug
pinned to the wall
(arms splayed, wings
just so, legs akimbo)
is never the one
bothering you.

what bugs you
is the gnat
between you
and the screen.

   -Andromeda Jazmon

Can I get a witness?

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