Friday, November 06, 2015

Edphrastic Poetry with the Seven Sisters

This month my Poetry Sisters and I decided to try Ekphrastic poetry, which is simple poetry written in response to an image or work of art. Tanita found this amazing image, and we all wrote about it in whatever form we chose. I reverted to blank verse, having defaulted to my old favorite. The image is taken from a tumblr blog linked here. The original blog posting (Carnival of Dogs) gave this information:

"Documentation of the installation
Susanne Ussing, I Drivhuset, installed at Ordrupgaardsamlingen 1980.
Galleri Tom Christoffersen

Dear Alice

Bricks laid
around her feet &
spiderwebs of steel
adorning her head; this
goddess of paper mache
looks with horror
at an arm of tin,
a leg of wood.
She wonders.
Made to be encased;
or sheltered after the fact?

             -Andromeda Jazmon 

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