Friday, October 02, 2015

Etheree poems for October

This month the Poetry Sisters have been working on producing Etheree poems.
This form consists of ten lines; and the poems grow by add one syllable to each line. There are no rhymes. Trisha got us started early in the month by posting about the form on here Monday Poetry Stretch. I submitted my first poem there, and then later worked on a few others. You might be able to tell I am in the fall term in my college library; since both of these poems have academic subjects.

Not the same
but somehow… yes.
A format question.
Britannica online claims
it updates daily and covers
the world. In print it fills a bookcase
back home in my father’s dusty study.
    -Andromeda Jazmon; submitted to Trisha’s Monday Poetry Stretch

I scribbled this one down while proctoring a test:

by one
in blue light
of laptop screens
students take the test
that measures their success
in connecting research skills
with their daily tasks as scholars;
eighty-nine freshman struggle as one
each in a faint glow from the same website.
                   -Andromeda Jazmon

Check out what the other Poetry Sisters have done at their websites linked below. I am really quite taken with the beauty of what they have done! 


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