Friday, September 04, 2015

Found Poem in The Scarlet Letter

Our poetry project for this month, cats and kittens, is to create a "Found Poem". This type of poem is drawn from text you find, or stumble over, in any context, that strikes you as rich in potential. Sometimes one can find irony, or humor, or surprising wisdom. Sometimes it's just fun.

I happened to run across an old copy of Norton's Anthology of American Literature, vol. 1 on the library Free Book Shelf, just in time for this project. It made me nostalgic for my undergrad days, with all those hours bent over onion skin pages, highlighter at the ready. I knew I would find something rich there.

The Scarlet Letter. A story I have always felt connection to, and always puzzled over. It's such a painful story, and one in which I want to find more beauty and grace. Perfect for re-working into a Found Poem! If you will pardon me, Mr. Hawthorne, for changing everything... Just imagine the story taken up and shaken hard, till all the judgement, condemnation, shame, and pain fall out...

- Andromeda Jazmon

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The lovely Laura has created a Padlet  (a kind of online bulletin board free-for-all) for us as well, where we have posted our poems and where you, dear reader, can add your own if you like! Go ahead and try it out! Then don't forget to visit the Friday Poetry Round up at TeacherDance. Enjoy!