Friday, June 05, 2015

Writing Odes this past month

My Poetry Sisters and I have been scribbling down Odes all through the past month. Every month this year we are working on writing different forms of poetry in a group challenge. It's been both fun and frustrating at times! But Odes are pure fun. We agreed to take a light-hearted look at things this month, and some of these are downright funny! Check out my compatriot's Odes at these links:

Tricia Storh Hunt
Liz Garton Scanlon
Tanita S. Davis
Laura Purdie Salas
Kelly R. Fineman
Sara Lewis Holmes

Here is my contribution; one of a series of Odes to Knitting that I've been playing with this month.


In knitting
the frog is
not the cool
green fellow
sitting on lily pads
croaking in afternoon sun.
No - it’s much
more tragic
than that idyll.
Frogging it
in knitting
is ripping out
all of yesterday
or last week’s
work in dismay.
The pattern went wrong,
stitch count is off.
Hours erased
from the life
of my fingers.
Seeking the right path.
RRRiiiiiiiipppp it out -
try again


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