Friday, May 01, 2015

The Flight of Sons; a pantoum

This month my Poetry Sisters and I are working on writing Pantoums. Pantoums are an old form of poetry with four line stanzas, where the second and fourth line of each stanza is repeated as the first and third lines of the next stanza. They can be any length, and don't have a set rhyme scheme. The last stanza reapeats the third and first lines of the first as the second and fourth lines. The repetition allows a spiraling of meaning, revealing complexity the way a stitch pattern enriches the beauty of a knitted item.

Our thematic words for this exercise were either "flight" or "certainty". Here's mine:

The Flight of Sons

He grew up on Star Wars -
read all the novels, built the Legos,
hanging at the bookstore &
dreaming of living in the stars.

Yes, he read Star Wars novels, but
I didn’t want him to join the academy.
Only just to dream of living in the stars.
I didn’t have more in mind.

To actually join the academy?
Yes, we got Legos to play it out;
I didn’t have more in mind.
Sons - they want to fly.

We bought all the Legos;
I dreamed of stars.
He learned to fly.
After all, Star Wars.
        -Andromeda Jazmon

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