Friday, April 03, 2015

Raccontino with the Poetry Sisters

My online poetry group is working our way through the year by exploring a new poetic form each month. In April we are posting a form called "Raccontino". My friend Trisha explains:
Here are the requirements of the form.

  • composed of couplets (any number)
  • even number lines share the same end rhyme
  • the title and last words of the odd numbered lines tell a story
 I love a poem that tells a story, so I started by creating the brief phrase that would be the core of the story. Kind of like a six word memoir of sorts. Then I tried to fill in the back story in the rhyming couplets. I wrote a couple and will share one here. I like this form a lot and I am planning on writing more and finding a place to submit them for print publication. It's a challenge I am giving myself for April's National Poetry Month.

Family Secrets:

All of my siblings, who
love to travel, but

rarely get together, do
not talk much. One day we did. We cut

through the silence. Tentatively, we
discovered a communal pain med glut.

My shoulder, everyone said, or my knee. Tell
me what happened, said the circle, until we shut

that door. I was stunned to realize our
common life of pain. We went back to the rut

of silence. To just one day hear those hurts?
Gave me a metaphysical kick in the butt.

When you read this form it's fun to first read down the end words in the first line of each couplet, then go back and read the whole thing through.  With the contrast in  horizontal/vertical reading, there is something about it that reminds me of the "Aha!" moments of haiku. My Poetry Sisters have published their Raccontinos here:

Liz Garton Scanlon
Trisha Stohr Hunt
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And don't forget to visit the Friday Poetry Roundup with Amy at The Poem Farm and read some lovely poems! Also, you can check out Jama's blog to learn about other exciting NPM fun going on all month. Cheers!


laurasalas said...

Oh, this is funny, Andi--I snorted at "We went back to the rut of silence." Ha! I am trying not to make physical complaints a key part of my conversation as I age. It's hard! So are raccontinos--well-done!

tanita✿davis said...

I love the end of this poem still - that metaphysical kick either kicks you into doing something about the pain - or is its own ghostly pain. Still undecided on that, but I like this.

Amy LV said...

Wow. "the rut/of silence"

So much here, that repetition of sounds, this picture of quiet and pain - I think we can all somehow relate to this quiet and then spilling. The form is fascinating, and to read all of your poems on one day is great - you are all haunting me today - in a wonderful way. Happy Poetry Friday...wishing you joy! xo, a.

Sara said...

me what happened, said the circle,"

Oh, how I love that phrase, and may just have to steal it!

This poem leads you along, in unexpected ways, too, which I think fits right with the theme of secrets. If naught else, a poet can tell her hurts to the world, right?

Anonymous said...

Love how yours turned out, Andi - and good work writing TWO of them!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful poem, and very apt last line.

Anonymous said...

I love the way you just sort of casually say, "I wrote a couple..." This is terrific, Andi -- you have an amazing way of using authentic human dynamics in the spare space of poetry. I love it.....

Mary Lee said...

I love the way your end word line and your poem work together! Masterful!