Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Cybils finalists announced today!

Happy New Year!! On this day the Children's and Young Adult Blogger's Literary Awards site announces the short lists of finalists for the best books of the previous year, nominated by the public, read and evaluated by teams of book-loving bloggers. I've worked on the Middle Grade Fiction judging team for the past three months, and I can tell you there is a boatload of great books out this year! I read over 120 books and loved every minute of it. My judging team spent hours chatting, emailing, messaging and discussing the merits of our favorites; the good points, the puzzling points, the ups and downs of all of them. Phew! What a great way to spend the fall and early winter!

Today we pass these carefully selected final seven books to the second round of panelists, who will chose just one book to win the Cybils award for 2012. All the other categories are doing the same, and the Cybils blog posted the finalist lists for each category today. So the great news is YOU can go find these books and read along with us! Who knows, maybe you will spot the winners, or maybe just love ALL of them! And please make sure you share them with the children in your life and find out what they think of these books. The key to the Cybils is that they are judged by KID APPEAL, which means that these books are all books that we know kids will love. I can't wait to hear what you think, and what your children think. Go right over to the Cybils site, browse the finalists lists, and search for these titles at your favorite library or bookstore. Once you've read a few, please leave a comment and share your opinion!

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Linda B said...

Thanks for all you did for the first round, Andi. 120 books is quite impressive, even if great reading! I'm looking forward to my 2nd round of poetry & excited to be such a part of the community.