Saturday, August 18, 2012

Friday Poetry comes out on Saturday!


Big changes happening here in my household which have my mind in a tumble of uncertainty. Of my three wonderful sons only one is home with me now and I spent the day with him yesterday, trying to establish a new normal. My oldest is in the Air Force, about to be deployed to the Middle East again, and my middle son is living away from home for a time.

I am afraid I totally dropped the ball with hosting Friday Poetry yesterday. I am so sorry to everyone who came looking, hoping to share and enjoy the dance. Thankfully, Mary Lee at A Reading Year picked up the baton and flew with it! See her round up HERE.

To try to catch up and find my place again, I will link here to all the poetry posts I am aware of. If I miss you please leave a comment and I will update. Hope your Saturday goes better than my Friday did!

Joy has a poetry party over at her blog She has a poem posted by Rebecca Kai Dotlich titled Mrs. Betty from the new, THE POETRY FRIDAY ANTHOLOGY. Come join us, everyone who loves poetry is invited.

April Halprin Wayland  at Teaching Authors has a contest winner and a Writer's Drought Poem posted today - don't miss it!

Julie Larios also posted about the fabulous new book THE POETRY FRIDAY ANTHOLOGY over at Drift Record. She is one of the poets with a poem included in this exciting new resource. Can you imagine how fun it's going to be with all those teachers and students joining us on Friday Poetrys this year?

And speaking about beautiful... The Write Sisters are talking 'bout Beautiful People today.

Laura Purdy Salas says she is in with "Petting Zoo" from The Poetry Friday Anthology at and with 15 Words or Less poems at Happy Weekend!

Matt Forrest Esenwine joins us with a poem written for his two year old son at Radio, Rhythm & Rhyme. Don't fall asleep and miss it!

Tabatha Yeatts has a really interesting post about Su Hui's verse poem written in a grid that can be read thousands of different ways. So cool!

Linda at TeacherDance is in with a post about the Perseid showers and a Rilke poem, Falling Stars.

The Hedgehog by J.J. Bell over at the Florian Cafe in time for Sunday Brunch.

Kerry Aradhya is sharing a short action rhyme by Mary Quattlebaum this week.

There are many more posts linked at A Year of Reading... go enjoy them!



Mary Lee said...

We all knew it was nothing small that caused your absence. Just know that there were/are lots of prayers and positive thoughts floating your way from PF bloggers.

Long distance hugs,
Mary Lee

Linda B said...

Hi Andi, I'm glad you're okay, just very busy. I am in with a post about the Perseid showers and a Rilke poem , Falling Stars. Thank you for jumping in on Saturday.

Carol said...

Thanks for hosting! Poetry any day is good! My family is in a season of change, too, and it's hard physically, emotionally, and spiritually! You are in my prayers!

Tabatha said...

Hi Andi,

We're always thinking good thoughts for you. Thanks for the beautiful photos!


Andromeda Jazmon said...

Thanks for these kind comments. It really has been one of the most challenging, difficult, sad and wrenching summers. I am hanging on to hope though and looking for a better fall. Keep on!

Kerry Aradhya said...
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April Halprin Wayland said...

Dear Andi,

Isn't it great that we're all adults and there are no grades in the Kidlitosphere?

Take care. Life surprises and sometimes becomes fodder for poems...
and thanks for hosting!


Kerry Aradhya said...

Hi, Andi. I hope all the poetry this week has had a positive effect on you amid all that is going on. Take care...

Douglas Florian said...

A saturday night special poem, The Hedgehog by J.J. Bell over at the Florian Cafe in time for Sunday Brunch. Thanks for hosting.

Anonymous said...

Thanks again Andi! As Carol said, any day is a good one for poetry!

Sylvia Vardell said...

Hi, Andi, hope things calm down for you soon. Thanks for the extra efforts. I'm plugging our new book, THE POETRY FRIDAY ANTHOLOGY, at PoetryForChildren (of course!). Already getting so much lovely feedback and support from poets and teachers!

Graphic D Thanh said...

I really like your pictures you post^^

Anonymous said...

As I dipped back into the online world today, I saw this thread. Thinking of you.