Friday, July 20, 2012

Catching up with the summer poem exchange

When I compare this summer's business with last summer, when I was unemployed and recovering from knee surgery that restricted me from any driving for two months, I am absolutely amazed at how full life is. I love my job as a college librarian in the city. The boys are in camp and summer school and full of energy and ideas. There is almost no time to catch a breath - but I am determined to find places to slow down and focus on floating.

Back in June I signed up (impulsively) for Tabatha Yeatt's brilliant poem swap project. It sounded like fun and I thought maybe it would keep me on a creative roll. Problem was I put it on my To Do list and promptly lost track. I've been getting wonderful poems from really lovely poets and I have been meaning to get back to them with my own.... but life keeps happening too fast!

Today my goal was to catch up. I have a stack of photos and poems that I've never finished polishing or send off, so that's where I spent my morning. I've had such a wonderful time with old fashioned cut and paste. The floor and table are scattered with scraps, scribbles and elementary school art supplies. I'm walking to the post office as soon as I finish blogging. YAY!

Here's the poem I'm sending off to Tabatha:


rose unfolds
cool morning breeze
the flaming
vortex of summer
pause to
take it in
today's delight

Andromeda Jazmon

Thanks so much for a wonderful summer of poems in my mailbox! I apologize for being late with mine but they are on their way today! We definitely need to do this more often. Today's Friday Poetry Roundup is at A Teaching Life. Enjoy!


jo(e) said...

Lovely, the poem and the photo.

Tabatha said...

Thank you for this beauty, Andi! Feeling a bit weary from being up with a sick child last night and I especially appreciate the rose :-)

Andromeda Jazmon said...

Jo(e) I have been enjoying your blog lately too. You always have such great photos and memorable stories!

Tabatha, your rose is in the US mail today!! Hope you and your child have a better night tonight.

Tara @ A Teaching Life said...

finding places to slow down and focus on floating...what a lovely idea!

Linda B said...

Thank you for your kind message. On our way home now. Gorgeous poem too.

Violet N. said...

Love that line "vortex of summer".

I often find when I'm feeling stressed with no time, some time spent working on my poems gives me more energy instead of depleting it.

laurasalas said...

So glad your summer is full of happy things! Love your flaming vortex of summer:>)

Mary Lee said...

A lovely pause.

My lovely pause called summer is almost over. Can't quite get my head ready for the school rush...yet...

Joy said...

My notes show you are doing the round up for today's Poetry Friday. Thank you. I have information about THE POETRY FRIDAY ANTHOLOGY and a delightful poem by Rebecca Kai Dotlich, plus a writing challenge on my blog at

How do I let the Poetry Friday gang know that they are welcome to come visit my house?

April Halprin Wayland said...

Hey, Andromeda!

Thanks for hosting Poetry Friday! I hope this gets to you...I always have a crazy busy Friday morn so...

TeachingAuthors are in with April's original poem about Writer's Drought and a Writing Workout to help you snap out of yours.

laurasalas said...

Hi Andi, Thanks for hosting Poetry Friday this week--I'm in with "Petting Zoo" from The Poetry Friday Anthology at and with 15 Words or Less poems at Happy Friday!

Toby Speed said...

Beautiful capture of the moment. I, too, love old-fashioned cut and paste. :)

I'm Jet . . . said...

Hi, A.

Thanks for hosting Poetry Friday today!

The Write Sisters are talking 'bout Beautiful People today.

Joy said...

Where are you? We're having a poetry party over at my blog and you're not there. We miss you.
I have a poem posted by Rebecca Kai Dotlich titled Mrs. Betty from the new, THE POETRY FRIDAY ANTHOLOGY.

Come join us, everyone who loves poetry is invited.

Joy Acey

April Halprin Wayland said...

Hey, Andromeda...

I was hoping to post here for Poetry Friday on 8/17/12...must be some mix-up.

Oh, well! If anyone would like to read my original poem on Writers Drought over at, please stop by!