Friday, May 25, 2012

Review: A Full Moon Rising

poems by Marilyn Singer, pictures by Julia Cairns. Lee & Low Books, 2011. (e-book review copy from NetGalley). Lovely, lovely, lovely collection of short poems about the moon, as seen from around the world. Poems set in Turkey, China, India, Colombia, Mexico, the U.S., Canada, and  Morocco, with short background notes on the perspectives of children celebrating the moon from each place.

Here is my current favorite, from mudflats in Broome, Australia where the moonshine builds a staircase to the sky: (Listen to Marilyn read this poem here.)

Staircase to the Moon 
Broome, Australia
by Marilyn Singer

Under the sea, divers find pearls,
though none as big and round that jewel up high.
Its glow builds a magic staircase
....from the mudflats to the sky.
Can someone climb and pluck that gem?
Our silly little cousins
....dare themselves to try.

The beautiful illustrations by Julia Cairns are full of soft glowing blues and silvers... moon struck is what I am. The next full moon is coming up June 4. I am planning an evening viewing and poetry reading. Doesn't that sound like summer to you? The Friday Poetry round up is posted by Linda at TeacherDance. Enjoy!


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jama said...

Love this book and your choice of poem. The magic staircase has me sighing every time . . .

Liz Steinglass said...

Lovely. Thanks for sharing it. I will definitely go find one so I can savor all of them together.

Linda B said...

This just looks beautiful, Andi. I've seen it before & must take a longer look!

Karen Edmisten said...

I love being moonstruck ... thanks for this. :)

Ruth said...

That DOES sound like summer to me! May I come?

Doraine said...

Sounds like a lovely summer night. Enjoy.