Friday, April 27, 2012

Puck's Poem

We drove up to his school this morning and my youngest son cried "Look!" Then laid out the above poem. Straight from the mouths of babes.

Here it is the end of National Poetry Month already! I am inspired by my Poetry Sisters, several of whom have been writing a haiku every day, or nearly every day, and posting them on their blogs. Tanita , Sara, Laura, and Liz are rocking the genre. Kelly is posting favorite poems and selections from Jane Austin.

We've all been madly scribbling behind the scenes on a new project. Stay tuned next week when we unveil our latest communal poetry extravaganza! Today make sure you visit Friday Poetry posts all over the kidlit world as Poetry Friday is hosted by Tabatha at The Opposite of Indifference. Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Review: "Of Thee I Sing; a Letter to My Daughters" in e-book form

by Barack Obama, illustrated by Loren Long. Random House Children's Books, 2010. (nook e-book) I have a new nook tablet that I am enjoying this e-book on with my sons. It is a gorgeous poem celebrating the most exemplary traits of famous American heroes: courage, creativity, determination, and the ability to achieve their dreams. Obama write to his daughters, encouraging them to become the best of their potential by emulating those who have come before. Loren Long illustrates each heroic, historic figure first as a child standing with the Obama girls, gazing out towards the adult in the midst of their vibrant life. View the book trailer to hear Long describe his vision for the book:

This book shows Obama as the writer he is, and not just a celebrity president. The language is rich and rhythmic and tender. The character he has chosen to highlight from our history cross cultural and gender lines, showing the richness and variety of our shared heritage and the hope of our future held in our children. This is a truly wonderful book that every child should have the chance to cherish!

About the e-book experience:

This picture book format is not as wonderful on the 7 inch screen as it is in paper, to be honest. Other e-books I have read with my sons are a better fit, particularly the ones that are not heavily art and image invested. We have the Velveteen Rabbit in text form, with the original black and white sketches. That works well on the nook. We also have an app of the same book with full color illustrations, sounds and movement . That one also works well on this size screen and the animation does add pleasure and interest. For younger children I still think the large format picture books are more engrossing in paper and ink. What do you think?

I am really enjoying exploring all that my new nook tablet can do. I am browsing for books at library and social media sites, and have renewed my membership at NetGalley. Please leave me a comment if you have been reading e-books. Have you been using NetGalley? Let me know where you find your next read and where you are sharing about them. If you have a nook or use nook software on your devices, how does that work for you? Have you been lending or borrowing them?

I borrowed my first nook simple touch device from the Free Library. It came loaded with The Hunger Games, which I devoured. I immediately posted a request on FB to find someone who could load me the next two books in the series, and zipped right through them. I had read the three in paper last year so I had something to compare. I have to say I really enjoyed reading them on the nook. It is easier to handle, weighs less in my hand, and was a very pleasant experience. I think if I can find a way to get the books I want easily onto the nook it will become my favorite reading device in the future. I would love to be part of an online lending library that shares books back and forth. Right now it is a little frustrating finding the books. I don't want to have to purchase them when I can get them in paper from the library, quite frankly. And I am not going to buy children's books in e-form when I already have them in paper. What are you doing to collect e-books?