Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Poetry; Birds not seen


biking with only an ipod
not wanting the weight of a good lens;
missing the Little Green Heron shot
-Andromeda Jazmon

I’ve been under doctor’s orders to exercise my knee after surgery this summer, so I have been forced to take some time to go biking in beautiful parks during the last outburst of Indian Summer’s stunning weather. Oh the photographic opportunities I have missed by trying to travel light! My belt pack carries an iPod with a very basic camera. In the photo above there is a Little Green Heron on the shoreline that doesn’t show up. How many other birds are hidden in the trees? Who knows what else we are missing?
I am about to head out to the library to study the new acquisitions to see if there are any great children’s books published in 2011 that have not yet been nominated for a Cybils award. Have you been watching the nominations come in? What is yet to be mentioned that you really loved?
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Kerry Aradhya said...

Thanks for sharing your poem. I think the new iPhone has a new and improved camera in it, in case you were thinking about it :) Hope the bike riding is helping your knee!

Joyce Ray said...

Andi, at least you took the time to stop and enjoy what you did see. You know the heron is there. You didn't miss it! Thanks for sharing your poem. Sending good wishes for knee recovery.

Ruth said...

I know -- there's always so much to be seen, and we miss too much of it!

Unknown said...

Yesterday I went on a five hour expedition through a botanical garden and the bushland preserved around it. I had my camera and my notebook. My vision is eroding, and I have to admit that I use my camera as a crutch. I can use it like binos.
But yesterday I lost it. I backtracked, which was easy enough (I had my notebook, still. And there were clues about each thing I'd examined in there.) I never found it. I supposed what this means is I now have the option of proceeding without mediation. Maybe I should get by with only my notebook, and make better drawings there. Or maybe I should get by with only a water bottle, and rely on my brain to see and remember.
Thanks for sharing your poem (and the photo), which reminds me that one reason I use the camera is to make it easier to share the best experiences I have. So...maybe it isn't just a crutch after all.

Mary Lee said...

Oh, Darn. You HAVE TO go biking in the beautiful weather -- doctor's orders. I don't want the knee surgery, but I want an order to spend more time outside!

Eric Jhon said...

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laurasalas said...

Well, maybe the lens missed the heron, but YOU didn't, and that's what's important:>)

Keep biking!