Friday, July 01, 2011

Friday Poetry Is Here Today!


Salvia spikes
behind my garden bench
or before?

-Andromeda Jazmon

I'm not sure I've got that haiku nailed yet. I might come back and edit it some more. I am trying to get the feel for the question in my mind; what comes first, the garden bench or the perennials? Some may plan the garden structures first and fill in with the plants but I would tend to throw the plants in willy nilly over a few seasons and then think "Hey I need a bench right here!" What do you think?

And check out my cool new QR code in the sidebar. Blogger now has a mobile edition so if you are reading on a smart phone or iPod you get better formatting for a small screen. It seems cool and fun but I am a bit confused about how they will be used for blogs. I mean it's posted here so if you see it on a big screen you can point your device with a QR reader & camera at it and get a link to open on the small screen. I am just not sure how one juggles the machines; are you reading over a friend's shoulder on their laptop and think "cool I want to see that on my phone!"? Or are you on your own laptop and see the blog post and think "I need to read this on the small screen." ?? Walking down the street and see it on a monitor in a window and pull out your phone? Really, what is the point of putting QR codes on a blog post? Who is using them?

I'm hosting the poetry round up today. Friday Poetry is a weekly celebration of poetry from all around the children's literature blogosphere. Anyone can join in just by posting a link to a poem, something about poetry, an original poem, or a review of a poetry book.

We try to respect copyright and authors and artists by not reprinting the entire poem of copyrighted works, often linking to the full text published at an approved site where permission has been granted.

Leave your name (poet or poem title) and the URL to your Friday Poetry post in the form below. Then come back later to enjoy the rest of the poetry!