Friday, March 04, 2011

First crocus haiku

crocus 5

doorstep crocus buds -
in my rush to get there
tripped by sunshine

-Andromeda Jazmon

lavendar crocus

stretched tall -
lavender crocus buds
hopeful recruits

-Andromeda Jazmon

I took these crocus photos a couple years ago on just such a March day as we are having today. Something brave and hopeful in me wakes up in this kind of sunshine, and opens again like the first crocus. Thanks be to God!

Enjoy more poetry over at The Small Nouns, where Friday Poetry is hosted today.


tanita✿davis said...

Yours are so different than the ones that grow here!

It's a relief that they're finally up, though - it was starting to feel like Spring would never arrive.

jama said...

Thanks for the beautiful Spring preview. What lovely crocuses and haiku. Our daffodil stems have just started to poke through. :)

david elzey said...

ah, spring. i almost remember what that is. we're seeing sun but still days in the 20s around here, so a couple more weeks before things finally make their way through the frozen ground.

but soon, soon. thanks for the reminder.

Sara said...

I was waiting for spring to pop up at your blog. Yay! The thing that comforts me about Spring is that no matter how long we have to wait for it, there isn't actually anything we have to DO to make it come. It just is.

Anonymous said...

"hopeful recruits", indeed...we need spring here and now! Thank you for the lovely poems and the photographs of the new recruits.

Mary Lee said...

Hooray for the crocuses! Come on, Spring! COME!

Amy L V said...

Now I feel hopeful too! This a beautiful way to begin a rainy day south of Buffalo. Surely the crocuses are hiding under all of that melting snow. A.

Kati said...

Thamks for sharing! Please visit my page if you get a chance, thanks!

Ben Curran said...

On a day like today, it feels as though I'll never see another crocus. More snow fell! Thanks for the haiku, they are very well done.

laurasalas said...

Trippe by sunshine--brilliant! Thanks, Andi!