Saturday, January 01, 2011

Out with the Old, In with the New!!

As kind of a tradition I spend the last week of the old year decluttering, throwing things out, donating and generally getting rid of as much stuff as possible. A purge always feels so good when it's done!!

This year:
  1. I gave a friend with a four year old a bag of size 5 kid's clothes and a box of VHS videos we can not longer watch since we don't have a VCR anymore 
  2. Donated a TV with VCR, antenna and digital converter box (thrift way guy said he thought it was worth $50!! who knew?)
  3. Recycled three desktop computers. Best Buy takes them once you remove the hard drive. You have to pay them $10 for each monitor but they give it back in store credit. So now I have $30 in gift cards & am pondering whether I want a new Wii game, music or movies. What would you do?
On the pluses I upgraded to Fios, got an iPod touch and a rice cooker. I am going to sign up for Netflix so I can catch up on all the movies & TV shows I have been missing in the last 7 years. Recommendations requested: What should I watch??

My goals for 2011 include:
  1. Be conscious of God's presence in my life & enjoy Her blessings moment to moment
  2. Play more
  3. Listen to music more
  4. Socialize more
  5. Cook more Chinese food
  6. Get a new job in a fabulous, exciting library environment
  7. Learn to use my iPod touch to optimize all of the above
I am thinking about trying to use the camera in the iPod to photo blog more. I need to learn how to take the best pictures possible and then how to quickly & easily upload them to Sandy Cove Trail. If it is quick and easy it just might be fun! Anyone try that? Tips please!!

What are your goals for the new year? 2011 is going to be a great one for moving forward!!

Blessings & Joy in the New Year to all of you!!


Lone Star Ma said...

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year

Debbie Diesen said...

Listen to music more is a lovely resolution -- I think that's one I'll adopt for myself, too.

teacherninja said...

I've heard there are some good photo apps you can use to edit the photos right there. That might be cool. As for netflix, they have all the Arrested Development and 30 Rocks right there for instant viewing. Have fun!

Trashmaster46 said...

Netflix is awesome. Once you start watching something, look up actors or locations or genres you like, and give the "I liked/didn't like this" feedback, and Netflix will suggest all sorts of things for you.