Friday, November 05, 2010

PiBoIdMo: I'm in!


PiBoIdMo - Tara Lazar's wonderful idea for a month of inspiration. Just scribble down an idea for a picture book every day for the month of November, and you are eligible to win a prize from a list that includes original artwork from children's book illustrators, critique and advice from editors, and other cool stuff. You don't have to share your ideas, just sign the pledge to really truly do it. Then, at the end of the month, you will have a goldmine of potential to develop and turn into maybe an actual book or two in the future! That's what I am hoping for anyway.  Tara has guest bloggers posting ideas and encouragement all month at her blog so you can get inspired. You have until Nov. 7 to sign up so go on! Grab a notebook and jump! 

"First you jump off the cliff and you build wings on the way down."
Ray Bradbury 

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Anonymous said...

Hi! Happy to have you participating. The feedback is from literary agents--just a small clarification. I hope you have fun this month!