Saturday, November 13, 2010

Chronicle Books wish list

Chronicle Books is running a book give-away drawing between now and Dec. 15th. For the Happy Haulidays drawing all bloggers have to do is post a wish list worth up to $500 of books. What books would you like to have? If I would happen to win this drawing, one of my commenters here on this post would win the list too. Sound like fun? I would LOVE to win these books for my library:

Story Painter

Story Painter

By John Duggleby

Jacob Lawrence in the City

Jacob Lawrence in the City

By Susan Goldman Rubin



By Roseanne Thong
Illustrated by Elisa Kleven

Sienna's Scrapbook

Sienna's Scrapbook

By Toni Trent Parker
Illustrated by Janell Genovese

Ruby's Wish

Ruby's Wish

Written by Shirin Yim Bridges
Illustrated by Sophie Blackall

Snow White/Blancanieves

Snow White/Blancanieves

Adapted by Miquel Desclot
Illustrated by Ignasi Blanch

Beauty and the Beast/La bella y la bestia

Beauty and the Beast/La bella y la bestia

Adapted by Roser Ros
Illustrated by Cristina Losantos

Papa, Do You Love Me?

Papa, Do You Love Me?

By Barbara M. Joosse
Illustrated by Barbara Lavallee

Out of Sight

Out of Sight

By Pittau & Gervais

Eight Winter Nights

Eight Winter Nights

By Laura Krauss Melmed
Illustrated by Elisabeth Schlossberg

Don't Let Auntie Mabel Bless the Table

Don't Let Auntie Mabel Bless the Table

By Vanessa Brantley Newton

Oh Lord, I Wish I was a Buzzard

Oh Lord, I Wish I was a Buzzard

By Polly Greenberg
Illustrated by Aliki

Beyond the Great Mountains

Beyond the Great Mountains

By Ed Young

The Story of Little Black Sambo

The Story of Little Black Sambo

By Helen Bannerman
Illustrated by Christopher Bing

Fire Race

Fire Race

By Jonathan London
and Lanny Pinola
Illustrated by Sylvia Long

Hanukkah Haiku

Hanukkah Haiku

By Harriet Ziefert
Illustrated by Karla Gudeon

Night of the Moon

Night of the Moon

By Hena Khan
Illustrated by Julie Paschkis

Moishe's Miracle

Moishe's Miracle

By Laura Krauss Melmed
Illustrated by David Slonim


Vasilly said...

What a great list! Good luck on the contest!

jama said...

Love your list, Andi. Some of my favorites: Ruby's Wish, Beyond the Great Mountains, Bing's Little Black Sambo. Dying to see Don't Let Auntie Mabel Bless the Table :).

Diane Mayr said...

Andi, some great choices. I'm especially interested in the one illustrated by Julie Paschkis. I find her work absolutely stunning. Good luck!

Heather said...

A great list!

Storied Cities said...

Some great choices! I am especially looking forward to reading Ruby's Wish and Lawrence in the City.

Unknown said...

Damn, how did I miss those great bilingual titles? I love those things! Beautiful list, Andi!

Amy said...

Thanks for including all those Hanukkah books!! Fun, fun list!

Mrs. DeRaps said...

I need a copy of Hanukkah Haiku! Thanks for sharing your dream list!

mrsderaps @ hotmail . com

Charlotte said...

I like your list lots!

Fourth Musketeer said...

please enter me!

Anonymous said...

Love your selections!

Molly said...

Love the list! Good luck!

Mollydedwards AT yahoo DOT com

NatalieSap said...

Nice list - I've got Wish on mine too. :)

Corrin said...

Nice list. Good luck!

Gaby317 said...

Great list of children's books!

I love Chronicle - this is such a generous giveaway.

Thanks for the entry.

gaby317nyc at

Gretta said...

What a great selection ~ Thanks for the chance to win with you!

bamagv at aol dot com

Lori L said...

I see some great gift potential here! Good luck!

Jamie said...

I love your list! I hope you win!!!

jamie.l.torres at gmail dot com

TRAN! ( said...

great list of children's books!

ncnguyen514 [at] gmail [dot] com

vvb32 reads said...

Oh Lord, I Wish I was a Buzzard - funny title. should be a fun one.
vvb32 at

Andrea said...

As a Mom in a multiracial family and an early childhood educator, oh, how I would love to share these books at home and school! Thanks for putting together such a wonderful selection, and good luck!

Teresa Thomas Bohannon said...

An adorable list. Very different--for the most part--from the ones I selected See My List Here but a really delightful list nevertheless. I would absolutely love to win either one.

Kerry Aradhya said...

This list is great. I actually found out about this contest from your blog (and then came up with a wish list of my own), so thank you for that! Good luck on the contest!

k_sunshine1977 said...

what a great list! here's hoping we win!

k_sunshine1977 at yahoo dot com

joolee said...

Love them all! Thanks for the chance!

Ginny said...

Nice list

malleycc said...

WOW I love this contest. Thanks for giving us a chance to win with you.

I love your list. Would love Ruby's Wish--thats my daughters name.

Anonymous said...

I haven't gotten very far on my children's book collecting, but this looks like a list of great additions!

Haylee said...

Um please please PLEASE win. Wow I seriously think I would cry if I won all these books!


Brandy said...

Love the list. I also posted my books. See them here:

shastas said...

good luck!

moonsword said...

great list! best of luck!

jcamp2020 said...

Good selection of titles. Good luck to both of us. And Thank You to Chronicle Books.

jcamp2020 at aol dot com

Joanne said...

What a great list of books!


nicolesender said...

Awesome list of books!

Andromeda Jazmon said...

Thanks everyone for commenting and sharing your own book lists! I just heard today that a winner has been chosen, and unfortunately it is none of us. But happy for the winner!

"The winner of the Happy Haul-idays haul of books is:


Thank you so much to for entering. We wish we could have given everyone their list! But since we can’t, we’d like to offer this to you AND your readers:

35% off + free shipping through December 16, 2011

Use this promo code at checkout: HAULIDAYS"