Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday Poetry round up here & haiku

Every Friday blogs all around the Kidlitosphere post something poetry related; original work, poetry book reviews, a favorite poem, a bit of poetic news, a story or classroom experience... it's all good. Today it's my turn to host the round up with links to all that poetic juiciness.

Many of the bloggers that participate in the kidlitosphere (focusing on books for children and young adults) will be in Minniapolis this weekend at KidLitCon. I am sad I couldn't join them, but glad I was able to take part in the party by hosting the Friday Poetry. While they are traveling toward each other and gathering for KidLitCon drinks night IRL, we will be lifting our virtual drinks in spirit.

I'll start with a photo of the woods near school and a haiku that rises from the quiet of my last woodland walk.

golden light

slow progress
along the woodland path;
going green to gold


forest cathedral;
sap singing praises to light
an offering of leaves

-Andromeda Jazmon

If you have some poetry to share please leave your blog name (with an indication of what you're posting) and your URL in Mr. Linky below. I'll copy and paste the list into this post at the end of the day. Then come back later to browse around and enjoy the feast all weekend!


Tabatha said...

Great haiku, Andromeda! I'm glad we'll get to hear about all the KidLitCon goodness when they return.

I'm in with humorous music this week, lead off by Gregory K.'s poetic Symfunny.

Amy L V said...

"sap singing praises to light" How lovely and holy, exactly the way our woods felt when I took a walk yesterday. Your woods are much greener than the woods in WNY these days...

Today I have #21 in my poems about poem series, and then off to MN!


Mary Lee said...

Thanks, Andi! We'll be thinking of you!

Carol said...

Beautiful photography and your haiku is perfect. I needed to walk in this cathedral this morning. Thank you.

Like you, I'm wishing I could go to the KidLitCon.

Toby Speed said...

Love your evocative haiku, Andi, and your photos of the woods. I'll be offline at Kidlit Con this weekend, but will stop back during the week to surf the poetry links.

Author Amok said...

Beautiful forest cathedral, Andi. Have a wonderful Poetry Friday.

Sally Thomas said...

Lovely words and images.

jama said...

Love your haiku and photos, Andi. The "forest symphony" is beautiful!

Today I'm gearing up for National Cat Day (Oct. 29), with two cat poems:

Thanks for hosting!

laurasalas said...

These are beautiful, Andi! I compared the woods to my chapel in a photopoem a while back (, and your second haiku, especially the sap singing praise to the light, made me feel that feeling again.

I'm in the midst of that Kidlit Con madness and am having a great time. Will post about it next week!

Meanwhile, I'm in with an old Lilian Moore poem that is speaking to me today, and also with 15 Words or Less poems.

Charles Ghigna said...

Thanks, Andi. Love your "cathedral" haiku. Here are a couple of poems about art. One for kids & teachers atThe FATHER GOOSE Blog and one for authors & artists at The BALD EGO Blog

Karen Edmisten said...

What gorgeous photos -- what a peaceful walk that must have been. Love both of your haiku today, too.

Thanks for hosting!

Mary Ann Scheuer said...

Thanks so much for posting! I love the combination of photographs and haiku! We'll miss you at KidLit Con... hopefully next year! Many thanks for taking over the hosting duties.

Elaine Magliaro said...

Thanks for the lovely photos and haiku--and for doing the roundup this week.

I've been going crazy because I've been having computer problems. My computer is with the geek squad again--for the second time in one week. I hope I get it back soon. It's frustrating having to borrow my husband's MacBook when he's not using it.

I had planned to attend KidLitCon this year. Family matters are keeping me away.

At Wild Rose Reader, I have an original poem for Halloween titled "Licorice."

Kerry Aradhya said...

Your poem is beautiful, and the woods look so peaceful. Thanks for hosting Poetry Friday today. It's funny, because I actually linked to one of your previous posts (about Hallowilloween) in my post today...and then I saw that you were hosting the round up. We must have been destined to meet!

Shay said...

Excellent blog and a great place to read new poems. Loved the forest cathederals.

Debbie Diesen said...

Love the tree photos, and the haiku.

I've got an original poem this week; and am enjoying following all the other poetry links.

david elzey said...

so this is where the cool kids are hiding out this week. jumping in with an original about the moon. it's a little rude.

thanks for hosting!

Kerry Aradhya said...

Hi, there. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I left a comment over there for you about finding more adoption stories. One that looks interesting, but isn't going to be released until November, is called Sweet Moon Baby: An Adoption Tale (Knopf). I wonder if they would send you an advance copy? The timing of the release would be perfect for your blog!

April Halprin Wayland said...

Stunning photo of the woods where you walk, Andromeda. I live in Southern California near the ocean but I long for those woods!

Over at we're each riffing on the question WHY DO I WRITE?, the NCTE's National Day On Writing's theme.

I answered the question with a poem for Poetry Friday.