Sunday, October 10, 2010

Books that haven't yet been nominated for a Cybils

I've been over to the Cybils site to add my nomination titles for some of the best children's books published between Oct. 16, 2009 and Oct. 15, 2010. ANYONE can nominate their favorites. You don't have to be a librarian, teacher, writer, or parent. But there are only five more days when you can do it! Don't miss your chance to sound off.

One of the rules is that each person can only nominate one book in each category. So now that I've said my say, it's up to the rest of you to put in the books you've been treasuring this year. Here of some good books from the last year that haven't been mentioned yet:

Nonfiction picture books:


Bear in mind that these books might have just been nominated in the last ten minutes, so check the nomination lists by category here.


laurasalas said...

Thanks, Andi. I need to work on my nominations this week. I've only done one or two categories. And I haven't even nominated anything in Poetry yet!

Jessica Fenster-Sparber said...

I love Mixed! I bought this book for my son (now 1.5) and we love it!