Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Review: Sweet 15

by Emily Adler & Alex Echevarria. Marshall Cavendish, 2010. (Review copy). Destiny Lozada is about to turn fifteen, and for Latina young women that means a "quinceanera" party must be planned to celebrate her coming into womanhood. Problem is Destiny hates high heels and fancy dresses, loves skateboarding, and knows her family does not have the money to throw any fancy parties. Her mom is insisting on it however, because she missed her own quinceanera. Her older sister America hates the idea because it is old fashioned and oppressive, as if to put young girls on display. Destiny is caught in the middle. Fortunately she has a great bunch of friends who rally around her and help her forge her own way through the mess.

I really enjoyed the humor and down to earth point of view in this book. Destiny is so well written she seems to jump off the page and make me believe she is a real girl. In one of my favorite passages she is fumbling through a watershed conversation with her main crush Nicholas:

"I - "
"Look - "
"I'm -"
"I thought - "
"We're friends, right Destiny?" he asks.
OMG! Did he just "friend" me?
I want to ask him if he gives all of his "friends" intense massages and long funny looks, but I don't.
"Yeah," I say as reality slams down on me. "Of course. Of course we're friends. I mean, we've only really seen each other about three times. I mean, that's hardly a friendship... I mean... it's a start but... of course we're friends."
"I've been thinking about the whole quince thing." says Nicolas.
I hold my breath.
Maybe he's not friending me?
Then he adds, "If you still want me to go to your quince, that's cool. It's good to have your friends around for stuff like that."
My breath whooshes out, like a balloon that's deflated. "Sure, that would be great."
I almost add "dude" at the end. Erin would be proud. But I feel like I'm going to faint right there on the stairs.

Love this book! I started skimming it again to find the spots I wanted to mention in this review and I totally got sucked into it so I have to read it all over again before I pass it on to the eighth grade English teacher at my school. Get your hands on a copy!


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MissA said...

Aw this one sounds cute! At first, I was thinking, ANOTHER quinceaneara book? But this one sounds refreshingly different. I like that she loves to skateboard and has a good sense of humor :)

Tarie Sabido said...

You are right - Destiny Lozada was so down to earth and sounded like a great girl!

Emily and Alex said...

Hello, Andromeda. Thanks for this review. I told Emily and Alex and they are both very happy. Alex says that he now goes by Echevarria and not
E[s]chevarria. He leaves the "S" off for savings. Thank you, Andromeda!

Emily and Alex said...

And a great big thanks to Miss Attitude and Tarie for the sweet comments.

Andromeda Jazmon said...

America, thanks for commenting here! I am glad you liked the post. It's wonderful to have conversations like this through the blog. Thanks for the tip about the "s".