Friday, September 17, 2010

Review: Hip Hop Dog

by Chris Raschka, illustrated by Vladimir Radunsky. Harper, 2010. (review copy). A very clever, funny, entertaining look at a doggy rapper. Radunsky's bold brush strokes and autumn colors give this book layers of passion and movement. Raschka's poetry circles and bounces across the pages as the dogs throw it down. You need to listen to some rap jams before you read this out loud. White library ladies of a certain age will need to do some Youtube research before introducing this volume to kindergarten... but then you better step back Jack.

From the publisher:

In an empowering story of an underdog who finds his voice and sense of self-worth through music, here is one hip dog who starts out as a dejected mutt but finds his groove—and his place in the world—through hip hop. 


HarperCollins (publisher)
Raschka's other books
Radunsky's webpage

Friday Poetry is being rounded up at Wild Rose Reader today. Enjoy!


Diane Mayr said...

It looks like a fun book, but in a group reading I think you'd have to memorize or write out the spiral poem to avoid turning the book. I get dizzy just thinking about it! Is the rest of the text in spirals?

jama said...

Andi, this looks adorable! And I love your review -- "white library ladies of a certain age" made me giggle. I'm stepping back, Jack!

Mary Lee said...

I'm echoing Jama on the "white library ladies of a certain age" -- tee hee hee!!!

Andromeda Jazmon said...

LOL Yeah, that would be me. I need to practice this one in order to do it justice. Diane, the text is all over the page, upside down and sideways. But that is good because it makes you get in the groove and know your stuff before you try to flow. Plus it's fun!

Sara said...

Ha! Groove on, Andi, groove on. This book looks awesome.