Monday, April 05, 2010

National Poetry Month: Daffodil haiku

april 4 053

playful breezes
pulled me over the fence;
stolen daffodils

...-Andromeda Jazmon

We have daffodils blooming all around the yard, but the ones I wanted were just over the fence. A scrubby woods runs behind our yard between us and a church parking lot. Clumps of daffodils have established themselves in this borderland, on a little hill that gives us a charming view from the kitchen window. I like to think the previous owners planted them just to give us pleasure... Or the daffodils have escaped from gardens and are wandering the world...  Yesterday I climbed over the fence and picked a fistful.

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Mary Lee said...

The grass is always greener and the daffodils are more alluring, eh? :-)