Friday, October 02, 2009

Poetry Friday: Autumn Roundel

I have been so busy at work, home, and grad school that I have missed Friday Poetry for several weeks. (I have been blogging at my library school student blog instead of here.) But when Miss Rumphius did her Monday Poetry Stretch on the poetic form Roundel, I had to jump in. Fall is just the perfect season for a circular form like this. A roundel is composed of 11 lines in three stanzas with a rhyme scheme of abab, bab, abab. The fourth line is repeated as the 11th line. Here is my attempt, written while gazing out the library window at the school fields.


Autumn Out My Window

September slowly turns toward fall,
the fields are dusted with golden haze.
Urgent crickets in the bent grass call,
and one more turn quickens our days.

Heavy seed tops brush the wind in a craze
green velvet soccer fields cradle the ball
while fog lifts, aglow, where Asters laze.

Scarlet & amber creep in to enthrall,
brilliant October lights our ways.
Honey gold chases the trees that stall,
and one more turn quickens our days.
-Andromeda Jazmon

Friday Poetry is hosted by Kelly H. at Crossover today. Enjoy!