Saturday, September 05, 2009

A Day at the Lake in Haiku & Photos

great blue heron

only his reflection
wavers in the evening light;
great blue heron

-Andromeda Jazmon

clouds & lake

clouds over the lake
leave pools of blue sky
beside beach stones

-Andromeda Jazmon

water flower

runners by the lake
breath in the stillness; rushing
past nameless flowers

-Andromeda Jazmon

Friday Poetry is hosted by Kelly at Crossover. Enjoy your weekend!


angelfeet said...

Great photos. I especially like the crane, so upright and elegant.

Tricia said...

I love the photos, particularly the heron. And your haiku is always spot-on. Thanks for sharing what looks like a perfect end to summer.

Susan Thomsen said...

That's just lovely. Thank you for the photos and the poetry.

Lone Star Ma said...

Beautiful. Is that great blue heron? I see those pretty often. I always wish I knew the names of the sea birds I see.

Sara said...

mmmm. I needed this lovely stillness today. Thank you.

jone said...

I especially love the crane photo and the accompanying haiku. Lovely images.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos and very nice poetry.

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Anonymous said...

I was out walking a few weeks ago and saw a blue heron in a retaining pond. I wanted to take a photo, but all I had was my cell phone. The photo wasn't nearly as nice as the one you have here! I'm glad one of us could capture a photo!

Mary Lee said...

Thanks for a few quiet moments beside the lake with you.

Summer is indeed winding down.

Anonymous said...

You've just received the Scholastic Scribbler award and can pick it up on my site.