Saturday, June 06, 2009

A Lucky Child #24hbc

by Thomas Burgenthal. Little, Brown & Co., 2009. I won a copy of this book from Ali in the Diversity Rocks Challenge. It was a quick read but effected me deeply. Thomas Burgenthal is a Holocaust survivor that grew up to become a judge at the International Court of Justice in The Hague. He tells his story in The Lucky Child in simple, direct language but the truths he portrays are extraordinary.

You've heard the story before; but still it shocks one into silence, or outrage. Not only does he tell of the horrific life in concentration camps as a child, which he survived, but he also tells of the six years he lived reunited with his mother in Germany after the war was over. In spite of the brutality shown to him, his family and his friends, he was able to maintain his sense of humanity and respect for others. He continued to find and cherish kindness and compassion, and to believe in the good in other people. This book is a must read. It would make a great book group discussion book for high school, college, and adult groups.

This is my second book read for the 4th annual Mother Reader 49 Hour Reading Challenge. I've put in 3 hours on Friday, and another 2.5 hours so far on Saturday morning. I have to take the boys to sports for the rest of the morning but I will be putting in some more reading hours this afternoon and evening.

I am going to be putting up short posts on all the books I read. For every unique, meaningful comment I receive on those posts I will donate $1 to Bridget Zinn's medical fund. Bridget is a Young Adult author, librarian and book blogger who is in expensive cancer treatment. Many kidlit bloggers have come together to offer support for her and I am happy to join in. If you can come by this weekend and comment on the books I'm reading you can be part of that too. If you are doing the 48 Hour Reading challenge let me know and I'll come and follow you too!

48 Hour Reading Challenge Rules are here, Prizes are listed here, and Starting Line is here. I'm offering a prize: I will donate a framed 5x7 print of one of my favorite photos and original haiku to the person who raises the most money for a Greater Good cause.


Doret said...

I have this on my shelve and now I may read it. Continued luck, read on

Shelley said...

My list of books to read just grows and grows, but thank you for adding this one to it...

and best of luck with the challenge!

Carol H Rasco said...

Somehow I have missed this book on the topic of the Holocaust...I will be placing it on my list to read. I was particularly interested in the note you made of his life with his mother for the six years following the life away from home...and of course that he served as a judge on that court.