Monday, June 08, 2009

48 Hour Book Challenge final update

My final report for the 4th annual Mother Reader 49 Hour Reading Challenge: I started at 4 pm on Friday and finished at 4 pm Sunday. I put in a total of 16 hours in reading and blogging about the books, with another 2.5 hours commenting on other bloggers doing the challenge. Total time: 18.5 hours and 4.5 books (the first book I read I was already halfway through when I started.)

I am not competitive for the prizes, but I hope to have raised a lot of money for the Bridget Zinn medical fund and I beat my personal best from 2007, when I only managed 14 hours. (I didn't do it last year.)

Also I noted with sadness and sweetness that Dewey commented on my challenge results post back in 2007. I miss her still.

For every unique, meaningful comment I receive on these posts I will donate $1 to Bridget Zinn's medical fund. Bridget is a Young Adult author, librarian and book blogger who is in expensive cancer treatment. Many kidlit bloggers have come together to offer support for her and I am happy to join in. If you can come by this weekend and comment on the books I'm reading you can be part of that too. If you are doing the 48 Hour Reading challenge let me know and I'll come and follow you too!

So far the comment tally is at 31. You still have time to comment on these posts and I will count them for the donation up until midnight on Monday. I will be sending a check to Bridget Zinn's medical fund for the total number of book challenge post comments that I receive before midnight.

48 Hour Reading Challenge Rules are here, Prizes are listed here, and Starting Line is here. I'm offering a prize: I will donate a framed 5x7 print of one of my favorite photos and original haiku to the person who raises the most money for a Greater Good cause.


Charlotte said...

Congratulations! I think that is a fine tally. And next year the boys will be old enough perhaps to all read with you. The nicest part of mine was when we played ball and lay around in the sun/shade together, all the while listening to an audio book.

The roses on my barn are blooming again, which makes me think of you when I see them because of your garden visits from last year!

Jen Robinson said...

Congratulations on beating your personal best from before. I did, too (and I think I probably hit my max, since I'm just not a person who's able to give up sleep).

Thanks for commenting on my blog during the challenge. The comments really helped keep me going. Next year, I want to do a better job of taking breaks to comment during the challenge (I did some, but I know that I could have done more - I just get so caught up in the books!).

I think Dewey would be proud of your method of counting up donation amounts!

Dreadful Penny said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog (and here I return the favor, especially if you're still counting comments :) So glad to have found your blog... this has been a really cool way to "meet" people.

Lilian said...

oh no, I'm 3 minutes too late, but then, again, I've been terribly busy... Sorry about that, and congratulations on your achievement in this challenge!

I have to email you/ call so that this year we don't miss our summer play date at the Smith playground, ok? And perhaps we can also go to the Arboretum! And other places...

MotherReader said...

Going around to see my peeps. Great job on your reading!

Jules at 7-Imp said...

I love this notion of some of you using hours to donate to Bridget's fund. So fabulous.


jone said...

I have had my head in all the auction final details I did not realize that people were using the challenge for raising money for Bridget. Fabulous!