Friday, May 15, 2009

Robert Bly's Eclipse

Seeing the Eclipse in Maine

by Robert Bly

It started about noon. On top of Mount Batte,
We were all exclaiming. Someone had a cardboard
And a pin, and we all cried out when the sun
Appeared in tiny form on the notebook cover.

It was hard to believe. The high school teacher...

Read the rest here at the Poetry Foundation.

I was playing with a new tool I found this week after following a link from a colleague. It's called WordSift, and it makes a cloud of any text you chose to examine. It gives you a visual map of definitions and similar terms, and pulls up images of your terms. Here is the tour explaining how to use it. Here's a screenshot of the above poem mapped:

Go ahead and play with it. Put your Friday Poem text in and see where it takes you. Can you think of a way to use this in the classroom or in your writing and composing? What a cool way to explore your drafts of your work, following the connections and developing your images and ideas! Where does it take you?

Friday Poetry is hosted by Kelly Polark today. Enjoy!


jama said...

Glorious poem (new to me). Love the chocolate and suns at our feet . . . and thanks for the Wordsift link. Looks like fun!

Irene Latham said...

Oh, my old pal Bly! Thanks foro sharing a good poem.

susan said...

Thanks for sharing this. I am a Bly fan. Enjoyed your choice.

Kelly Polark said...

Great Bly poem.
I liked the Wordsift, I'll have to try it sometime!

Karen Edmisten said...

It's lovely, thanks, and thanks for the wordsift, too.

SHIMI said...

blog walking
nice to be here

MariNela said...

Thanks for sharing this good poem :)