Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Double Daring Book for Girls

by Andrea J. Buchanan & Miraima Peskowitz. Collins, 2009. Review copy. Back in 2007 I reviewed the Daring Book for Girls and found it to be full of fun stuff to do and learn. I am excited to get my hands on the latest volume here, also overflowing with exciting things to do. A lot of the activities in The Double Daring Book for Girls are fun to do together, like the section on the Japanese Tea Ceremony or Picnic Games, How to Dye your Hair with Kool Aid, Make a Labyrinth, Turn Your Backyard into a Farm, Make a Rope Ladder, How to Become President of the United States, Be a Private Eye, Run a Magazine, or Dance the Cotton Eyed Joe. You could also try Shooting Pool, Start a Mother-Daughter Book Club, Learn to Swim, Organize a Tournament, play Dominoes or Charades, or Make Stepping Stones for your garden. I am planning on trying a lot of these things before I pass this book on to a little community school where I send all my reviewed books. This book is an encyclopedia of fun! The directions are simple and clear, the materials are not complicated, and the illustrations are colorful sketches of girls doing everything fun. It's got a multicultural twist too, so it can appeal to anyone. Black, brown, tan and ivory girls are playing lacrosse, hoola hoops, football, cards and cricket together.

To celebrate the book's release some bloggers are posting throw-down challenges to their readers for activities in the book. I thought that sounded like fun so I am going to offer my own challenge. I've been admiring the worry dolls described in the book, which are made out of bread twist ties and embroidery yarn. I think I could have some fun making those. I think once I get the hang of it I am going to want to make a lot of them so I am offering one to you! All you have to do is post a comment here telling the world one of your silliest, most annoying little worries that you can't quite get rid off. Like you are afraid that drippy faucet in the tub is sucking your retirement savings down the drain but you can't get around to calling the plumber to fix it. Or you are worried that it is poison ivy growing on your neighbor's fence but you are too shy to ask them to clean it up. Or.... whatever. Share it with us and I'll send you a worry doll to hold your worries! Let's hear it kiddos! I double dog dare you to get those worries out in the open and let them go.

Visit the Daring Book website for more information about the book and read the sections on how to juggle or be a cowgirl, and learn about the longest words in the dictionary, the underground railroad and a bunch of other neat stuff.


Saints and Spinners said...

Oh my goodness. I have worry in my bones, and I've been trying so hard not to do "preventative worrying". Here's a silly worry: I worry that the reason why I haven't been hired for a birthday party gig since last Novmember is because people are saying, "You know, she's really not that good." Never mind that I've gotten glowing reviews and that the economy is so hard hit that everyone's cutting back on such extravagances as hiring a performer for their 3 year old's party.

So, there you go.

Lone Star Ma said...

I'm an extreme worrier - I should probably takes drugs for it.

And they all seem REALLY SERIOUS to me, so it is hard to pick a silly one.

I worry that our neighbors hate us because we do not do more than the necessary amount of yard work or household repair due to our hectic lives and general lack of skills. Never mind that thy are nice and we are nice and that we weren't even mean to the ones who had relatives selling drugs out of their house for awhile since they sent them packing when it became evident that it was distressing people. I love them, in fact. But I think they'll hate me because I don't water the lawn.

Andromeda Jazmon said...

Farida I worry about similar things even though I'm not trying to get hired. I am SURE it's the economy and there are folks saying to each other "I wish we could get Farida to sing at Susie Q's party next month! But how would we pay her what she's worth?"

Lone Star Ma I am always compairing my yard to the neighbors and telling myself my grass seed heads are not as high as so and so's - which means I am not the lamest one on the block. LOL When I drive past those emerald carpets in some neighborhoods I have to remind myself how much all those chemicals cost in $ and in environmental ruin. Sometimes scruffy is better!

Thanks, both of you, for playing my game. Send me your snail mail at cloudscome AT yahoo DOT com and I'll make you a worry doll to hold these for you!

Unknown said...

After reading Absolutely Maybe, I have been wondering about how to dye my hair with Kool Aid. I have to get This book - sounds great!