Monday, April 20, 2009



playground clown
losing his nose paint:
love or fear?

-Andromeda Jazmon


tanita✿davis said...

I think I'm gonna go with "fear."

Lone Star Ma said...


Myth said...

definitely fear :P

(The only book that ever really scared me was Steven King's 'It' - I couldn't handle that clown! I put the book away half-finished in a drawer and refused to even open the drawer for three years - I was sixteen lol - I think that is the only book I never finished reading - and at the time, I'd read anything & everything to the end! Somehow, this particular clown - with all he stands for - is even worse :P)

Andromeda Jazmon said...

Isn't that something? I don't get why kids are supposed to feel happy with this guy leering at them from the bench in the corner. While we were at the play place both of my little guys came over at different times, climbed on him, and said they were afraid of him.

And who has been picking his nose?

Mary Lee said...

LOL!!! I have a friend who's deathly afraid of clowns. An adult friend. Maybe if she got the chance to pick a clown's nose, she could cure herself!