Thursday, April 23, 2009

Review: Cycle of Rice

Cycle of Life: A Story of Sustainable Farming by Jan Reynolds. Review copy. This is the story of sustainable rice farming on the island of Bali, a part of Indonesia that has been a major rice producer for thousands of years. The whole island is networked with a complex system of irrigation canals and channels that move fresh water from the top of volcanic mountains to each farmer's fields in time for rice planting. Working together, and organized by the local priests and water temples, the people were able to coordinate an intricate, reoccurring pattern of planting, harvesting, and rejuvenating their fields. From planning the annual flooding of the fields for planting to grazing ducks in the fallow fields after harvest, all aspects of the cycle ensured a good harvest. Modernization put a few bumps in the system, but Reynolds shows us how the people have reinvigorated their community ways and are now rebuilding their traditional networks.

Beautifully illustrated with full color, full page photographs by Jan Reynolds, this book is a fabulous resource for middle grade and above students looking into sustainability, cooperative economics, and environmental development. Use Cycle of Rice: Cycle of Life to teach the Quaker SPICES testimonies of Integrity, Community and Equality. Free downloadable ebooks, videos and teaching guide can be found at Reynold's site here.

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Author chat with Jan Reynolds at Lee & Low (publisher).

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