Friday, April 03, 2009

National Poetry Month Links

April being National Poetry Month in the US, I thought I would do a round up here of all the blogs I know of that are doing Poetry every day this month. I know there are lists other places as well, but this is what I've found. If you are doing something and want to be added just leave a comment and let me know. Please grab a comfy chair and something to sip, click around and enjoy some extra poetry every day!

Read, Write, Poem is a community of writers all doing poetry this month. You can join to fun by writing, posting and linking, or you can just go read. Daily prompts offered as well.

Susan is one of the poets participating at Read, Write, Poem by posting her work each day. Her blog is called Black Eyed Susan. It's one of my favorite places to visit.

Mary Lee says, " here at A Year of Reading, we will be spotlighting a book of poetry every day this month -- some new books, but lots of old favorites."

Franki told us about Bud the Teacher, who is offering writing prompts for poetry this month. If you are looking for inspiration check out his photos.

Liz in Ink is doing a haiku a day, just like me!

Jem, at the sound of splinters, posts really wowza haiku often, if not every day. This is not to miss!

Trisha, at The Miss Rumphius Effect, is posting interviews with children's poets every day. She has a great line-up here!

Gregory K. is doing 30 Days/30 Poets. He is sharing new original poems from children's poets that will knock your socks off.

Gregory told us about this fun link: "at Lynn Hazen's Imaginary Blog, they're talking bad poetry." Hmmmm.

Elaine Magliaro says, "Every week during April, I’ll be giving away children’s poetry books at Wild Rose Reader and books of light verse at Political Verses." She's also compiled this list: Resources for National Poetry Month 2009

Sylvia Vardell, at Poetry For Children, says, "This year, I'm planning a poetry-book-review-a-day on new 2009 poetry books for kids, with sample poems, activities for kids, and poet interview tidbits."

Anastasia Suen has a new blog called Pencil Talk where she is posting original poems written by school children. If you have a child poet in your circle pass this on! She says, "For Poetry Month 2009 I invite K-12 students to write their own school poems and send them to me so I can post them on this blog."

MsMac is encouraging her students to send poetry postcards this month. She says, "My goal: 30 poems in 30 days. Students will be invited to “Write a Poem Send a Postcard” Do you want to have a poem postcard delivered in your mailbox? Let me know."

Have I missed anyone? If you are doing poetry this month leave a comment and I'll add you to the list. And I almost forgot to mention - I am writing and posting photos with a haiku a day here on this blog. Stop by often!

And OF COURSE don't forget Poem in Your Pocket Day (April 30, 2009) :)

Edited to add:

Zetta Elliott, author of Bird and A Wish After Midnight, has taken up my challenge to post an original haiku every day on her blog Fledgling. Kuddos!

Susan Taylor Brown is trying something new. She says: "in addition to my native garden inspired Haiku per day I asked my publisher if I could have permission to do a few audio recordings of some poems from Hugging the Rock." You go girl!

Sara Lewis Holmes is giving us a poetry quote a day. What is poetry? go see!

David Elzey is tweeting his poetry every day. He's rounding up his tweets on Fridays. Boy that was fun to say! ;)

Kristy Dempsey says, "I'm having Poetry Conversations with not-the-usual-suspects, i.e. people I don't usually talk about poetry with!" She chosen some of her favorite poems and has fascinating discussions with some wonderful-regular people.

Kelly R. Fineman says, "I'm going to post at least one poem a day - all out of copyright, so expect stuff from dead poets - and I'm going to try to make some connection from one day to the next." It's like a very cool poetry chain over there at Writing and Ruminating!

11 year old poet Maya Ganesan is writing a posting a poem a day at Allegro. She is knocking my socks off!

Today's Poetry Friday round up is hosted by Amy Planchak Graves at ayuddha. Enjoy!


Zetta Elliott said...

Wow--that's an impressive roundup! I am definitely doing a haiku a day, but as you see with my last post--sometimes it's buried beneath other stuff. If you add me, I'll try to remember to post the poem first, and the other stuff after...

Anastasia Suen said...

Thanks so much for adding Pencil Talk to your round-up!

david elzey said...

i'll second the wow on this round-up. and for the inclusion. once again, something started on a lark, on a whim, on the fly, takes on a life of its own.

Greg Pincus said...

That is some list! Thanks for putting that together (and for the link).

Marinela said...

I don't think writing poetry is very difficult if you try!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for adding me to your list and for putting the giant extravaganza together for us all.

I'm glad to know there's a master list I can share.

Janet said...

Great list! In my oblivious haze, I didn't realize it was Poetry Month till today. Looking forward to checking out some of your links here!

Mary Lee said...

This is the most complete round up I've seen so far! I'll be linking back here (and coming back here to follow links!!!) Thanks for pulling this all together!

Anonymous said...

I'm having Poetry Conversations with not-the-usual-suspects, i.e. people I don't usually talk about poetry with!

Maya Ganesan said...

This is so neat! I'm writing a poem a day - and posting it up - for NaPoWriMo. Could you add me to your list?

Thank you for compiling this!