Friday, November 07, 2008

Poem for Election Day 2008

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Election Day 2008

Bleary eyed, clutching coffee and cheerful
we rose early and went out to vote.
An old Black man sitting along the wall
watched me lean down to take my little boy’s coat.
I caught his eye and joy rushed back.
Heard somebody say “We as a people will get there.”

A white woman sitting along the wall
beamed with delight at my little Black boys.
We couldn’t stop smiling, knowing we had
on one ticket a Woman; on the other a Black man &
never before have we had such a choice.
Heard somebody say “A brighter day is coming.”

When I cast my vote and turned to go
my youngest laughed and ran from me.
He put himself back in the middle of the line
standing up proud behind suited legs.
“He wants to vote!”My neighbors laughed.
Heard somebody say “…we are all in this together.”

Later that night in Grant Park, Illinois
the people roared with hope.
Our man stood up above the crowd
and spoke in a clear strong voice:
“Our stories are singular but our destiny is shared.”
Amen! Go ahead on! Amen!

.................................................- Andromeda Jazmon

boy watching election

I took the above photo early on election day while we stood outside the polling place waiting for it to open. The original photo is not that great so I played with it a bit in Photoshop. The poem is inspired by the most exciting and hopeful election day I've ever experienced.

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Sara said...

I love your youngest trying to vote! My youngest wanted to also---but he's a year away.

jama said...

How wonderful that you captured this beautiful, memorable day in this poem!

Vivian Mahoney said...

Beautiful poem!

Love the photos. The second photo almost looks like your son is getting ready to enter some underwater territory.

Lone Star Ma said...

Beautiful! The joy of it!

Mary Lee said...

What a great day for your boys, for our country, for the world!

Linda said...

What a wonderful poem! You really captured the emotion we all felt.
I love the photo too.

Karen Edmisten said...

He put himself back in the middle of the line standing up proud behind suited legs.

What an image! :-) Your joy is palpable, and I love the photo.

Author Amok said...

Thanks for visiting my post on ekphrastic poetry. I'd love to talk with you about the "Picturing America" curriculum. Has your school applied for the set of images?

You can contact me at -- looking forward to it!

SLW said...

Terrific post, and an awesome day for (almost) everyone... So exciting. Thanks for sharing your day...

MotherReader said...

I love that you wrote a poem for this day, which I know was especially meaningful for you. You put me right in the middle of your amazing election day.