Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Summer Goals Check In


Mary Lee at A Year of Reading is doing a check in on how we've done on our summer goals. Here's what I listed last June:

1. No pressure to blog. Do it when I have something to say.
2. Read from the box of 15 library books next to my bed.
3. Write short reviews of books read just to keep track of them.
4. Catch up on house maintenance projects listed on the kitchen blackboard.
5. Write for an hour every morning when the kids are at camp
6. Get a work out routine at the Y and do it three or four days a week
7. Enjoy lots of picnics, playground visits, beach days, the pool, and the zoo with my kids
8. Catch up with all doctor appointments, tests, follow up, etc. as recommended
9. Knit and quilt Christmas gifts
10. Slow down. Bag any and all above goals if they are stressing me out. (Except numbers 7 & 8)

I think I've done pretty good on all of them except #5. I actually did write almost every day but not for an hour. In the past two weeks I've not done much writing at all, but that's because I've been working so hard on #9. I've noticed that August usually has me engrossed in sewing projects. I guess it's part of trying to make the most of every moment of my summer before we get caught up in school again. I have gone to the Y three or four times a week, learned how to use the weight and cardio machines (first time for me), gotten in good shape and started learning Pilates. I really happy with how that is going.

School starts for us right after Labor Day. In the next two weeks I have a couple house projects that really need to get done and I have to start going in to school to get the library shaped up. I am hoping to finish a couple more sewing projects too. The big news is that I will be in grad school again this fall. I never finished my Masters in Library Science, although I've been a librarian for eight years. I am going back to finish it. I will probably not be blogging as much, and what I do write about will probably be all library school stuff.

I am going to be in a online program taking two courses a semester. I imagine that is going to pretty much stretch me to my limit. A few things are going to have to get cut back in order to accomplish this, and I am afraid blogging is one of them. If I'm not posting or commenting as much, that why. I'll still have you in my bloglines though! How did you do on your summer goals? The round up is here.


Mary Lee said...

You did a great job on your goals! A special huzzah to the achievement of number 6 (very healthy!) and number 9 (someday I'd like to be that creative and ahead of the game!).

:: Suzanne :: said...

thx for the reminder to check my goals. I don't even remember what they were.

Also, what are the classes you are taking?

janet said...

You'll be missed in the blogosphere. But I admire you for pursuing your goals. Good luck!