Saturday, August 16, 2008

Review: Who Hops?

Who Hops? by Katie Davis

My six and three year olds love this book. It's funny, surprising and entertaining. In a classic teacher question format animals are listed by how they move - except a few ringers are thrown into the mix like a blue cow that hops. Readers/listeners are brought up short in surprise and then delight when the chorus responds with loud protestations. The repetition of pattern and the twist build anticipation and make it both predictable and satisfying for young readers and listeners.

The illustrations are bold colors in wild contrasts, making it energetic and exciting. My three year old grabs it and runs away to "read" it to himself again and again. The six year old can read it for real after hearing it read by me once. This would make a delightful read aloud for 3 -6 year old groups and individuals.

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