Friday, August 08, 2008

Poem for a Summer Afternoon

Aug. 7 038

August is one of my favorite months. I've finally sunk deep into summer, slowed down to a whisper, stopped trying to get my TO DO list done. I've given up on painting the boys room, shrugged my shoulders at the overgrown hedge, refuse to think about back to school shopping. I'm content to take my boys to the park and sit under the shade of tall trees while they throw rocks in the creek.

Aug. 7 021

I'm in the mood for Mary Oliver:


We enter
the green river,
heron harbor,
mud-basin lined
with snagheaps, where turtles
sun themselves--we push
through the falling
silky weight
striped warm and cold
bounding down
through the black flanks
of wet rocks--we wade

... read the rest here. Scroll down to near the bottom of the page. Take your time and read some of her other lovely poems on the way.)

The Friday Poetry round up is at Becky's Book Reviews today. Slow down and enjoy the ride!


concretegodmother said...

thank you for posting mary oliver today. i'm always in the mood for her, but she seemed particularly apropos today. i appreciated the deliciously cool sensation of reading her river hike. i also appreciated rereading "the journey." think i needed that today.

TadMack said...

MAN. Mary Oliver. I hadn't experienced more than a couple of her poems before, but the one that just moved me was The Journey as well.

The only live you can save is your own. Wow.

jama said...

What a perfect poem for a summer Friday. Your photos are gorgeous, as usual. Thanks!

janet said...

"nails of light in the loose racing waters" -- WOW.

The lighting or focus or something about your second photo is neat... It could almost be a water color.

Glad you've found the sweet spot of summer!

Kelly Fineman said...

I love the second photo in particular -- it evoked feels and sounds and smells for me, since it looks like so many Eastern PA parks I've been to time and again.

I was reading a bit of Mary Oliver earlier this summer, but I think I put my books away. Must dig them back out.

Mary Lee said...

Yesterday I spent the afternoon standing in a river (aka fly fishing). I love the thought of the big fish as "tarnished swords" hanging halfway down in the water.

Cloudscome said...

I am going canoing today and will be thinking of this poem. If I am not constantly fishing my boys out of the wet, that is. I actually knew the Chagrin river growing up and can visualize just where this poem is.

eisha said...

That is heavenly, cloudscome. Nails of light! Thanks for the delicious imagery. And for the link to all those other poems too!