Sunday, August 03, 2008

Kindergarten seedlings in bloom

Aug. 2 011

Last May my kindergartner brought home a paper cup filled with dirt and a few scraggly seedlings. Now we have flowers. Thank you Mrs. H., for all you gave us.

Aug. 2 017

My parents gave him a bug box for his birthday. Look what he caught yesterday! Anyone know what this is called?

Aug. 2 031

What's blooming or fruiting or buzzing in your garden this week? Leave us a link please.

ETA: I posted a question about identifying that bug on an insect forum and was told right away that it is a Giant Ichneumon Wasp, a parasitic type of wasp that lays eggs in larva deep within dead wood. The long tail is for boring into the wood and laying eggs. Here's a link to more information.

The garden roundup:

Alkelda's got sunflowers, including a really fabulous Chocolate Cherry blossom closeup.

Suzanne's got adorable photos of her bunny Bliss wandering the garden trails. And check out her super cool Wordle header!

Janet has photos of the gardens outside her library and several great poems about gardens of books.

Charlotte is rebuilding an area in her garden to make a pleasant sitting place. Take a look at her photos of the reconstruction. In my mind I am already lounging in her shade.

Thanks to everyone for participating this week.


Alkelda the Gleeful said...

I've got sunflowers this week! Check out the red sunflower:

Vivian said...

What an interesting insect! Your kindergartner must be so pleased with his flowers and the cool bug!

:: Suzanne :: said...

I have a sunday visitor in my garden this week.

janet said...

The bug looks like it could snap in half so easily! I have no idea what it is, but if it were up to me it would be called a super skinny bug. And the flowers are beautiful, as always! You manage to catch such intense color.

My post is here:

Charlotte said...

I have a dramatic timelapse series of what I did this weekend...but it isn't finished yet!

Terry said...

Aren't flowers from kids the best? Just before frost, cut off a bunch of the flowers and let them dry. Then salvage the seeds ... they'll grow next year. My daughter LOVED that she got to "remake" the Mother's Day gift from last year.

:: Suzanne :: said...

re: wordle, I just took a screen shot, cropped it, and posted it as a jpg.

I have not forgotten my six word meme. I'm still mulling.