Sunday, August 24, 2008

Debt Proof Living Summer Olympics Medal Count

Patchwork Potholder

As the Olympic ceremonies close tonight I am I am reporting in on my two Debt Proof Living Olympic events. Mary Hunt, on her Debt Proof Living blog, challenged us to use the time of the Olympics to accomplish personal goals. I joined two events; one to quilt and make Christmas gifts from my fabric stash and one to open a new savings account for Buddy. Here's how I did:

In the Serious Craft-a-thon I earned a gold medal. By August 23 I completed six potholders, four tote bags, three lap quilts, and a wall hanging with fabric from my stash. I had a ball doing it too!

four totebags

In my Add-to-Savings Sprint I brought my six year old son to the bank on August 18th and we opened a new savings account for his college fund. The bank gave him $10 for doing his summer reading list, plus $25 just for opening the savings account. With the amount we added from his birthday money he has a nice beginning. I am kicking in a monthly contribution from my checking account on an automatic deposit. Another gold medal!! Now every time we drive past the bank he shouts "There's my bank!"

This has been a really wonderful experience for me. Now I am going to sit back and watch the show from Beijing and finish up a few hand sewing details. I'll let you know when my medals come in my email box!


Shelley said...

SO totally cool and inspiring on all counts!

Gotta get my boy a credit union account.

janet said...

Ditto from me. And your hand-work is so beautiful. (I see bags like that for sale here and there for a tidy sum. But there's something to be said for keeping it pure pleasure on your part.)

So far a piggy bank is the only savings account my daughter has, but what a great idea...

I posted one last Garden Stroll today. I've really enjoyed the garden this summer, in part because you gave an opportunity to observe and document through the SGS. Thanks for doing it.

Good luck this fall on all you're undertaking!

Suzanne said...

I so admire folks who can sew. I'm needle-challenged.

We got some responses to your IntenseDebate inquires/comments. Thanks for letting me know.

Elaine Magliaro said...


Those are lovely Christmas gifts! Good for you for getting so much accomplished.

Eve said...

What a wonderful way to mark the olympics. Your work is so pretty.
Too bad, more parents don't start college funds at that age. He is being taught the value of money at an early age too. Two birds!

concretegodmother said...

you did amazing work! way to go!

e.beck.artist said...

i love the notion of your olympic events .... i'm all about setting up challenges for myself .... you did great!