Thursday, July 31, 2008

I need your help


This year I am in charge of scheduling the author visits for our Pre-K to 8th grade elementary school. It's the first time I've ever done this and I am feeling really green. Can anyone offer advice, links, resources, names, recommendations or blog posts for me? I would prefer a really fabulous author with great kid-appeal with a fantastic presentation (writing process, poetry, fiction or non-fiction) for ages 4 - 13 that lives in the NYC - D.C. corridor, has reasonable rates, and is not booked solid for the coming school year. Do you know of an author or a database I can search? What would you recommend?


Becky said...

I remember reading about a database somewhere on one of the kidlit blogs, and not too long ago, either. Hmmm.

I'll see if I can recall. But as a home schooler, and in rural western Canada at that (though you live in my old stomping grounds -- NYC, DC, back to NYC), I'm not the best person for this sort of thing!

Okay, here, try this post,

The post itself has some great ideas, and also includes more links that look useful.

Good luck!

Oh, and one author who comes to mind is Jennifer Armstrong. One of my sons won a copy of her "American Story" in a story-writing contest. She is *very* responsive to kids and has great kid-appeal. Well, going by my bunch at least!

Becky said...

I think the link was too long. Maybe this will work better (cutting and pasting, though, I think),

Or go to Cynthia's blog and search on "Toni Buzzeo".

Shelley said...

I'd recommend you reach out to my friend Becky Birtha, author of Grandmama's Pride. She rocks, and lives in Philly.

Send me an email (for some reason I can't find your email address this morning), and I'll send you hers.