Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Two Things

stella d'ore

The June Carnival of Children's Literature is up at Susan Writes. She's rounded up some great posts all about fathers and daughters in kid's books. Take a look!

I'm following conversations about using Twitter on Library Thing and on the Yahoo Kidlitosphere group. I had been resisting joining Twitter because I didn't want to feel obligated to keep up with every little thing. But now I am wondering about using it for book lists, to keep track of what I and my kids are reading, and what I am doing in my classes in the fall. I've read some ed. blogs where it is used as a tool for tech teachers to share how they are integrating new technologies into their classrooms. Are you Twittering? How and why?


Becky said...

I use twitter to share what I've blogged about, to share what I've just read, or to share what I'm currently reading, and I use it to share links.

Dan said...

First of all, I just happened upon your blog... via Twitter! Your photographs are beautiful.

I have a personal Twitter account followed by about a half dozen people I actually know, including my son. I twitter on average once a day about my various travels, in which they're apparently interested. My son's tweets substitute for other forms of contact, so I can't complain that he never calls! But then I follow another couple dozen people unknown to me personally, mostly because I like to get tweets from different parts of the world, especially in different languages.

But then I've set up another Twitter account for the public library in which I'm involved as a volunteer. I just started that recently, posting updates about our renovation / repair / reopening status, and about library events such as author nights.

Andromeda Jazmon said...

dan that is cool! I am curious about how we could use twitter at my school library.

becky I am going to look for you to follow. How do you make your blog posts tweet?