Thursday, June 19, 2008

Summer Goals

June 18 020

All the cool kids have posted their summer goals already, and here I am tagging along late to the party. What can I say? I was at a picnic in the backyard with two cutie pies yesterday and I was hanging out at the playground the day before. My blogging has slipped. Here are my goals:

1. No pressure to blog. Do it when I have something to say.
2. Read from the box of 15 library books next to my bed.
3. Write short reviews of books read just to keep track of them.
4. Catch up on house maintenance projects listed on the kitchen blackboard.
5. Write for an hour every morning when the kids are at camp
6. Get a work out routine at the Y and do it three or four days a week
7. Enjoy lots of picnics, playground visits, beach days, the pool, and the zoo with my kids
8. Catch up with all doctor appointments, tests, follow up, etc. as recommended
9. Knit and quilt Christmas gifts
10. Slow down. Bag any and all above goals if they are stressing me out. (Except numbers 7 & 8)

Here's my post about last summer's goals and the follow up on how I did. How about you? What are your summer goals?


Leah said...

Here are my summer goals:-
1. Sort out my America photos from 2005 which are half done in lovely albums I bought 2yrs ago
2. Paint the hallway (nice shades of green)
3. Continue demolishing my to read pile and post reviews on my blog.
4. Practise Yoga regularly
5. Stop worrying when I don't meet my own expectations, ie be kind to myself and therefore kind to others.
6. Keep on top of the garden.

Picnics and visits to the zoo sound good too. I may have to borrow those!

Sara said...

#2 really appeals to me. A box rather than a pile. Why does that seem different, more organized, more doable? I guess...because a box has boundaries? Anyhow, I may steal this idea. :)

Anonymous said...

My real goal is just to survive summer. But here are my more concrete goals:

1. Turn in my two ecosystems books on time.
2. Brainstorm/prewrite/start first draft of novel in verse.
3. Spend at least a few days on fun outings with the girls.
4. Keep up my workout schedule (and try a new class or two).
5. Do a few projects in the kitchen (not cooking, but updating/decorating).

Thanks, Andi! I've been meaning to actually set down a short list. I have writing goals all figured out on a monthly/weekly basis, but I hadn't taken the 2 minutes to identify just a few other things important to me over the next couple of months.

Anonymous said...

My summer goals are no goals (tee hee...), other than to spend as much time outdoors and in the garden as possible.

And I'm with you on the no pressured to blog. I've already started, since life outside the blog has become so busy.

Have a wonderful summer!

Andromeda Jazmon said...

Sara, I snagged an empty box from the sugar packet supply in the faculty room and it just exactly fit the 15 YA/middle grade novels I had checked out of our library before the packing began. I think I've hit on a system! LOL

I am happy to see other people goaling to work out, relax, fix things up around the house, and play with the kids. Refreshing and invigorating, isn't it?