Sunday, June 15, 2008

Dad's Garden

Nothin' much happening in my garden this week. The impatiens in the porch baskets are dying. I think they get too much morning sun or something. I decided to go over to my parent's garden to enjoy their flowers.


This is next to the deck.


Isn't that a cute planter?

dad's roses

This little rose bush hangs over the deck. Sometimes I get discouraged when I see how much better their gardens are than mine. But then I remember they are retired and have many more years to have worked on perfecting their gardening skills. So some day mine will look this good too! How is your garden this week? Leave us a comment and we'll come see your post!

Here's the round up:

writer2b has been weeding the gardens with her daughters and has some insights into that particular pleasure.

Charlotte has "a red rose climbing up the barn". She's posted a lovely photo.

Becky at Farm School is release butterflies, photographing hummingbirds, watching fawns and mourning the loss of some very cute kittens.

LisaC has a great story about her bearded iris with lovely photos.

Suzanne has a photo of her chives in bloom - one of my favorite herbs!

It's not to late to join in; just leave us a comment and a link.


Anonymous said...

We have no new pictures of our "garden," but there are two little green tomatoes on our one tomato plant! I love the smell from the leaves of the tomato plant. It smells like summer!

Anonymous said...

They do have gorgeous flowers! Now I know where your green thumb comes from.

I weeded this week -- very satisfying!

Leah said...

How lovely is your parents garden. Its rainy today over here in England so no gardening today although the pots are happy for a drink. I have weeding and pruning to do but it will wait. Really enjoy reading your blog.

Charlotte said...

I've finally done it--borrowed camera, taken picture, gotten it uploaded on a Sunday...

I like your picture of the evening primroses especially--both composition and color-wise.

Anonymous said...

The roses are beautiful.

The garden is pretty soggy here, but the sun is finally coming out this afternoon. My tomatoes and cucumbers desperately need some warmth and sunshine...

Andromeda Jazmon said...

Thanks for joining in all of you! I am really enjoying hearing about your gardens and reading your posts.

Mayhem I just adore the smell of tomatoes. My littlest guy loves them too and although he knows he is not allowed to touch my plants he always says, "Mama, can I kiss your tomatoes?"

Leah I hope you get past the rain and can catch up on weeding! They always burst up after the rain.