Monday, May 19, 2008

Dr. Rob's Guide to Raising Fit Kids

by Dr. Robert S. Gotlin, D. O., with Toni Colarusso, M.S. DiaMedica Publishing, June, 2008. (Advance Review Copy) I was happy to have the chance to review Dr. Rob's Guide to Raising Fit Kids because my youngest two sons are just getting into the sports ages. Buddy, who is five, has been in soccer and T-ball at the Y for a couple of years. This is his first season in a competitive community league and he is really enjoying it. When my oldest was young I was pretty clueless about how to get on a team and what was expected for equipment, practices, etc. I had no idea what sports injuries were common or how to avoid them. I thought I knew about good nutrition but had no idea how to get him to eat a balanced diet. Dr. Rob addresses all these issues in this volume in an easy, conversational, helpful style. I feel much better prepared to be the team mom this time around.

His first point is that fitness is a family affair. One can not expect to raise fit kids if the parent is not willing to commit to a healthy lifestyle, which includes playing, being active, eating and shopping with a balanced, healthy outlook. Building the right habits for a healthy, vibrant life takes the whole family working and playing together. Once you get that pattern ingrained in the parent's expectations the rest comes along.

I could go into more detail about what Dr. Rob covers, but I think I will just sum up his list of main topics:

  • fitness guidelines for kids from 6 -12

  • guidelines for selecting equipment for popular sports

  • detailed meal plans for good food that has kid-appeal

  • guidelines for kids' exercise plans, with photos and details about warm up stretches, weight lifting, etc.

  • advice for coaches and parent - coach partnerships

  • guide to common injuries and their management

  • key information about drugs and alcohol

  • Q & A for the most common questions

My favorite chapters are the ones on what sports equipment you will need for different sports, the exercise guide, the descriptions and treatment for common injuries, and the meal plans. There are some yummy recipes using fresh, healthy ingredients put into diet plans in categories like "World Series Game" and "NBA Finals".

I highly recommend this book for families with kids and coaches working with kids in sports programs. Good, balanced advice in an easily accessed format.

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