Friday, May 23, 2008

Dear George Bush

a poem by Kristin Prevallet

I am writing this letter just to inform you that the tide
is turning.
It is a fickle tide,
one that has the presence of mind
to alter its course.
You may remember how just a year ago
many believed you to be illegitimate
(you still are).
Those were the days when your
slips of the tongue
were circulated as comic relief
when in reality
they weren't very funny.
After all, they revealed
your true feelings
like the clown with the innocent face
who sneers under his smile
while handing out glasses of water
laced with arsenic.
You're a prophet, George Bush,
every dangling modifier
and stumbling qualification
were just your way of telling the truth,
like how you accidentally predicted on
Dec. 18, 2000, during your first trip to Washington, DC
as President-Elect:

"If this were a dictatorship, it'd be a heck of a lot
easier. . .
just as long as I'm the dictator. . ."

read the rest of this poem here at
For some reason I am in the mood to
take a hard look at politics. It seems a good time to use one's voice.

Here's the last stanza of Prevalett's poem:

If telling you these things is unpatriotic,
then poetry is unpatriotic,
and did I mention that I am a poet
paying attention to those winds,
those tides,
and all those other clich├ęs that poets and statesmen use
to move the people to embrace one cause or another.
I am a writer of propaganda,
and here are some lines of my poetry:
Beware, the images of the future are crouching
in the shadows of grief,
welcome to the next century,
the tide is turning,
you are not the elected sovereign of the world,
you are not the king of freedom,
we will defend our rights to be citizens of the world,
you can't take that away,
you can't take that away.
Oh, no.


Kirstin Prevallet

for Debunker Mentality,
for Boog City and
the 17th annual New Year's Day Marathon Reading, 2002
St. Mark's Church
2nd Avenue
New York City

Poetry Friday is hosted at Becky's Book Reviews today, where she has some sad news about the death of Mary Beth and Steven Curtis Chapman's youngest daughter. My heart breaks for them. I am glad Becky's poem is more hopeful than the one I chose for today... Where do you put your hope?


tanita✿davis said...

In August Colleen from Chasing Ray is putting together a collection of political books for young adults. Political poetry is a definite contender!~

Anonymous said...

Wow. I'm disappointed in Bush, but not ready to credit him with this much malevolence. I'm not really ready to lump "poets and statesmen" together either.

But this one does what poetry does so well: gets to the heart and forces me to take a closer look, ask some questions, engage. Thanks for posting it.

A few months ago I wrote a post in favor of Gandalf for president, because he shuns power. I still entertain that ideal of a reluctant leader, though it's desperately impractical...

MotherReader said...

Thanks for sharing this poem. The tide is turning. It has to be.

Beth Fehlbaum, Author said...

I give this poem a big fat AMEN!!!!
Someone once defined "Evil" for me. He told me that "Evil" is when a person knows that what he is doing is hurting another person and he

Bush is evil.

Beth Fehlbaum, author
Courage in Patience, a story of hope for those who have endured abuse
Chapter 1 is online!

Mary Lee said...

I think the evidence is too strong NOT to "credit," or better yet, not to DEBIT Bush with all of this malevolence. A loud HUZZAH for this poem, which I will pass along to other like-minded voters and poetry readers.

Anonymous said...

There is a growing clamor for Bush to be sanctioned by Congress or tried as a war criminal. This poem lays out the rationale as well as any political pundit.

Thanks for sharing.