Monday, April 28, 2008

A Week (More or Less) Without TV

Last week was TV Turn Off Week and we participated in our house. Most of the time, anyway.

By that I mean during the week we left the thing off and didn't really miss it much. I wished I could watch the PA primary election results, but it turned out listening on the radio was good enough.

The weekends we weren't as successful. The thing is, on Saturday and Sunday mornings my littlest one gets up at his usual 6 am. I like to be blogging at that time, and I just couldn't bear to miss my weekend poetry reading time. I let him watch a couple videos (Veggie Tales) while I read Friday Poetry posts. When Buddy got up at 7 am he started watching too, but soon he said "Hey! It's no TV week! What are we doing?" We turned it off at the end of that video and ate a nice breakfast together before heading off to gymnastics at the Y.

During the week Punkin, my three year old, asked for videos a couple days when we got home from school. Usually when I am cooking dinner he likes to watch a video. I like him to be planted on the sofa where I can keep my eye on him. Otherwise I have a hard time not burning the dinner because he gets into everything. He's hungry and tired and so am I. Buddy is happy to be out in the backyard riding his bike or roller skating. I can see him out the kitchen window and I know he will stay in the yard. Punkin is not as reliable so I can't let him outdoors while I'm busy in the kitchen.

I think we could do without TV completely if I was better at managing them while cooking, and if I could give up blogging. Cutting back on screen time for a week felt good. Mom Unplugged is rounding up posts about everyone's experiences in Turn Off TV week. Go see how it went.


Lone Star Ma said...

We also were in for the weekdays but not so much the weekends. The LSB's school had a couple of wonderful picnics during the week to encourage us.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like the week served the purpose: more interactive time, more awareness of the ways t.v. functions in your lives.

I can so relate to "we could do without t.v. completely if I was better at ________."

Anonymous said...

Well it sounds like you did pretty well despite the few lapses. Anyway, awareness is key. And when the littlest is older it'll be easier to just send him outside with big brother and then you can manage dinner better. Thanks for joining in (again!) and for reporting back with how it went!

PS. I think you were my only "repeat customer!"

MotherReader said...

My family would have done much better if it hadn't been for the TV's for every seat on Jet Blue. I didn't hear a thing from my kids for the whole two hour flight. Flying and TV, perfect together.

I really do think awareness is the key. I've never been an advocate of the total TV off thing. Especially if you need some Mom time - and who doesn't.