Thursday, April 24, 2008

Fiddlehead Ferns

April 23 059

Esperanto: Ode to Green

Fiddlehead fern!
Malachite blossom-
unfurl your sweet
head and wave
delicate jade fingers;
you darling jewel of
veridian tang.
My tongue sweats
at the very first
hint of your rising
I'll not salad you;
I'll only vest
myself in emeralds
of your ordinary
Spring ahead to
magenta bloom,
fall back to
a green ray;
one of the universally
good things.
You, Vert,
flag of glory!
-Andromeda Jazmon

Trisha's Poetry Stretch this week is a challenge to write a color poem. This is my Ode to Green - my favorite color. I found definitions, idioms, cultural references, etc. here. Read the color poems others have written here.


Mary Lee said...

How fun to hear your voice! Aren't you all cutting edge!!!

(Great fiddlehead pictures -- ours are just coming up.)

jama said...

What a glorious poem. Loved hearing you read it!

Sara said...

I love that you've found such a powerful way to share your photos with your poems.

I also looove "I'll not salad you..." which makes me smile, every time.

Daphne said...

"I'll not salad you..." I'll think about that each time I pick my lettuce to salad it! Lovely reading and a glorious poem. Thank you.