Saturday, March 29, 2008

National Poetry Month

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April is National Poetry Month. I plan to celebrate by posting a haiga (haiku and image) every day. I did it last year too and it was exhilarating and challenging. I would love to hear what you are doing this month with poetry. Here's a list of what I've found so far:

The blog ReadWritePoem has a master list of those posting poems every day. If you want to join in let them know what you are doing. You can add this cool button to your blog if you want. Get the button code here.

Other Resources:

Tips for teachers at

Poem in your Pocket Day (April 17)

Events listed at USAToday

NAPOWRIMO - Reen's blog Squash Blossom has a link list of poets and is NAPOWRIMO central.

Some short poetry forms to consider if you want to try writing every day.

Paper Tigers -celebrating poetry in April, starting with an interview with poet Janet S. Wong and the essay called Pairing Poetry Across Cultures by professor Sylvia Vardell. Also look for many articles, reviews, book lists, resource links and other poet/author interviews.

Kidlit bloggers posting poems or poetry themes in April:

Seven Imp is kicking off National Poetry Month on Tues. with a review of Imaginary Menagerie, complete with some art work from Julie Paschkis.

Laurel Snyder -blogging a quatrain (for kids) a day.

Deo Writer - "I plan to write a poem a day." At Check it Out, (school library blog) "for my Poetry Lunch Club we plan to write poems, put them on postcards and send them away."

Katie Davis -a limerick or haiku a day.

GottaBook - Greg's third year in a row posting an original poem! Subscribe to his Google Group and get a poem in your inbox here.

Lectitans, (the latin teacher) says, "I think I will try to translate a few
lines of Vergil's *Aeneid* every day."

Miss Rumphius -highlighting a poetry book a day and suggesting ways to use them in the classroom.

Wild Rose Reader - original poems, book lists & reviews, ideas for classrooms, interviews with poets... "I will also be giving away children’s poetry books to blog visitors who leave comments at my posts during the month of April." Here's Elaine's comprehensive list of links all about poetry and kids.

Marianne Nielsen - "I plan to post an original poem every day in the form of a Laturne"

Kelly Fineman - "I'll be doing poetry-related posts everyday in April (original poems, poems by others, analysis of poems, and discussion of writing poetry - it's a mashup)." at Writing and Ruminating

At A Year of Reading Mary Lee is planning some guests poets from her classroom on Poetry Fridays this month!

Kristy Dempsey, a new-to-me blogger, children's poet and author living in Brazil, will be doing poetry-related posts, original poems and/or translations.

Bugs and Bunnies: an informal contest for fellow bloggers to submit their own original poems. Deadline for entries is Thursday, April 10.

How about you? Leave a comment and I'll add your link.

The Nonfiction Monday roundup is over at Picture Book of the Day - don't miss it!


laurasalas said...

Thanks for this great list, Andi! Since I'm going out of town 2/3 of the way through the month, I'm not doing a specific NPM thing. But I wish I was!

Elaine Magliaro said...

I'm looking forward to all the beautiful photographs and the haiku you'll be posting daily during NaPoMo. I don't know how often I'll be posting original poems at Wild Rose Reader--but I'll do my best to post as many as I can.

Thanks for spreading the word about all the bloggers who have special plans for April!

MHN said...

I plan to do a poem-a-day over at More specifically I'm going to do a short poem, called a laturne. However, short doesn't always mean easy :))

Happy National Poetry Month!

Anonymous said...

What a great month it's gonna be!

Anonymous said...

I'll be doing poetry-related posts everyday in April (original poems, poems by others, analysis of poems, and discussion of writing poetry - it's a mashup). Reliably at my LiveJournal blog: (and far less reliably at the Blogspot blog to which my comment probably links).

Mary Lee said...

Great resources!

In my classroom, we are going to tackle one of the short poetry forms each week (15 Words or Less, Haiku, etc.) and I'll be posting new poems on my school website each day. Those won't be for public consumption, but I'm going to ask parent permission to share some on our blog each week for Poetry Friday. So watch for some guests poets at A Year of Reading on Poetry Fridays this month!

Anonymous said...

I'll be doing poetry-related posts all month too, original poems and/or translations. I love this month!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the links they are great references!!!.. first timer for me... i look forward to writing the whole month... enjoyed your laturne it is beautiful...

Kim Wheedleton said...

Hi! I love this site - very informative. On my blog today, I posted an informal contest for fellow bloggers to submit their own original poems. All the details are posted on my April 4 "Poetry Friday" post. Come join the fun!

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